Wright County Board Minutes

OCTOBER 15, 2019
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Vetsch, Potter, Daleiden and Borrell present.
Potter moved to approve the minutes as presented. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Husom moved to approve the Agenda. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried 5-0.
Daleiden moved to approve the Consent Agenda. The motion was seconded by Borrell and carried 5-0:
1. Approve & Authorize Signatures On Memorandum Of Agreement To Allow AFSCME Members To Donate Accrued Vacation Time To Jesica Manuel, Financial Worker
1. Approve Wright County Revocable License Agreement For Disabled American Veterans Parking, Eff. 11-01-19 to 4-30-20
1. Approve New Government Center PRs 2 & 3 And Authorize Change Order Signatures
1. Approve The Following Changes To The 9-24-19 County Board Minutes:
A. Page 3, Item B, 5th paragraph, 1st sentence should read: “Borrell moved to refer to the fall Fees For Service Public Hearing the proposed changes to the Parks and Recreation Fee Schedule with the following modifications: Raise the proposed non-resident fees per night for Electric Sites from $32.00 to $33.00, Non-Electrical Sites from $21.00 to $22.00, and Full-Service Sites from $35.00 to $36.00.”
B. Page 3, Item B, add a 6th paragraph that itemizes the proposed changes to the Parks Departments Fee Schedule and refers them to the fall Fees For Service Public Hearing.
C. Page 7, Approval of Ordinance Amendment 19-5, Chapter 110 Tobacco Regulations, add a 2nd paragraph that provides a summary of Ordinance Amendment 19-5.
1. Position Replacement:
A. Appraiser
1. Position Replacement:
A. Confidential Legal Administrative Assistant
1. Accept Grant Funds For Safe Harbor Program
1. Acknowledge Warrants Issued Between September 25, 2019 And October 15, 2019
1. Approval Of The Revised Records Retention Schedule For Information Technology
Appoint Committee Members For The Government Center And Tactical Training Center Owner’s Committees, Establish Meeting Schedules, And Establish Change Order Approval Thresholds
Wilczek presented a request for establishment of additional Owners Committees, schedules, and change order approval thresholds.
Borrell moved to approve establishing Owners Committees as listed below. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0. Potter serves as the alternate to both Committees.
Owners Committee - Tactical Training Center – Husom & Borrell (Potter)
Meets the third Tuesday of the month at 1:00 PM - Tactical Training Center site location
Owners Committee - New Government Center – Daleiden & Vetsch (Potter)
Meets the third Wednesday of the month at 10:30 AM – New Government Center site location
The Owners Committee – Justice Center has a change order threshold of $10,000 with approval by Wilczek. Anything above the threshold is referred to the Owners Committee for approval. Wilczek recommended the same threshold for the Tactical Training Center and New Government Center.
Daleiden moved to establish the same threshold for the Tactical Training Center and the New Government Center projects. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Refer Lake Charlotte - Lake Martha Subordinate Service District (SSD) Finance Discussion To Committee Of The Whole Or Work Session
Asleson said a public informational meeting was held in August at the Rockford Township Hall to inform residents of the SSD of a supplemental service charge to be levied against their properties. In 2020, the dedicated fund for the SSD will contain insufficient funds for the remaining debt service for the sewer project. Residents that attended the informational meeting have requested a task force or advisory council made up of residents in the SSD.
Asleson requested a Committee Of The Whole (COTW) Meeting to discuss the makeup and size of such a body, as well as options for paying debt service and structuring future service charges.
Potter moved to schedule a COTW Meeting on 11-05-19 at 10:30 AM. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Adopt Resolution Amending Joint Powers Agreement Concerning Scheduling Of Wetland Appeal Board Hearings
Kryzer said the Manager of Wright Soil & Water Conservation District has requested flexibility in scheduling of Wetland Appeal Board hearings. The original Joint Powers Agreement (JPA) states the hearings will be at 5:00 PM on the second Monday of every month “unless mutually agreed by the parties.” A draft resolution was presented that will allow for other days and times to be used to better accommodate the schedules of the members, staff, or the applicants.
Borrell moved to adopt Resolution #19-101 for the Agreement concerning scheduling of Wetland Appeal Board Hearings. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Approve Amendment No. 2 To Agency Agreement No. 01371 With MnDOT And Resolution For The TH 55 Corridor Coalition
Hawkins explained the amendment will extend the Agreement end date from July 26, 2020 to July 26, 2025. The TH 55 Corridor Coalition will continue to work with SRF Consulting, Inc. to facilitate and manage the activities of the Coalition under this amended contract.
Potter moved to adopt Resolution #19-102. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Approve Resolution Of Final Acceptance For Contract 1808 And Authorize Final Payment To Fehn Companies, Inc. In The Amount Of $20,000. Work Was For The Construction Of The Roundabout At The Intersection Of CSAH 34 And Calder Avenue (Formerly CR 134) In The City Of Buffalo. The Final Value Of The Work Certified Is $1,168,104.96
Potter moved to adopt Resolution #19-103 for Contract 1808 and to authorize final payment to Fehn Companies, Inc. for $20,000. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Approve September Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report
Borrell moved to approve the Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried 5-0.
Approve 2019 Tobacco License For CTP, Inc. DBA Clearwater Travel Plaza - Fuel Center (City of Clearwater) For The License Period October 15, 2019 Through December 31, 2019
Hiivala explained that the establishment has two tobacco licenses, one for the Plaza and one for the Fuel Center. The license for the Plaza was approved last month. The request being presented for approval today is for the Fuel Center.
Potter moved to approve the tobacco license for CTP, Inc. DBA Clearwater Travel Plaza – Fuel Center (City of Clearwater). The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Approve Resolution Adoption Assessment Lake John Improvement District
Greg Kryzer, Assistant County Attorney, said the Board recently approved a $20,000 assessment for the members of the Lake John Lake Improvement District. He presented an updated draft resolution allowing the assessment to be imposed to members of the District. The initial resolution included 16 parcels paying $.16 less. The resolution was updated to a total of $20,000.16 for ease in bookkeeping.
Daleiden moved to adopt Resolution #19-104 adopting the assessment for the Lake John Improvement District. The motion was seconded by Husom. The assessment cannot be spent by the District until after their annual meeting in 2020. Hiivala said action today will allow the District to apply for grant funding. The motion carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Approve Ditch Assessments To Be Levied Against The Benefitted Landowners For Expenses Incurred From October 2018 To September 2019
Matt Detjen, Agricultural & Drainage Coordinator, presented ditch assessments to be levied against benefited landowners for expenses incurred from October 2018 to September 2019. Discussion at the Board Meeting included the interest rate. It was the consensus of the Board to impose a 2.5% interest rate for repayment in three years or less. Payments beyond that time period up to 20 years will be assessed a 4% interest rate.
Borrell moved to set the interest rate on the financing for County Ditch assessments at 2.5% for repayments of three years or less, and at 4% for anything beyond that up to 20 years. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried 5-0.
Daleiden moved to approve the assessments to be levied against the benefited landowners on the following ditch systems for expenses incurred in October 2018 thru September 2019:
County Ditch 4, Marysville Township - $523.95
County Ditch 10, Stockholm, Victor Township - $307,666.25
County Ditch 15, Marysville Township - $970.03
County Ditch 22, Woodland Township - $90,120.43
County Ditch 24, Silver Creek Township - $3,869.22
County Ditch 28, Franklin Township - $650.50
County Ditch 30, Cokato Township - $830.13
County Ditch 38, Marysville Township - $923.79
County Ditch 39, Monticello Township - $3,009.96
County Ditch 41, Cokato, Middleville Township - $797.24
Joint Ditch 11, Marysville Township - $1,120.63
Joint Ditch 14, Stockholm Township - $2,676.21
Joint Ditch 15, Cokato, Stockholm Township - $4,197.42
1 year: $500 or less
3 years: $500.01 to $1,000.00 (by landowner)
5 years: $1,000.01 to $10,000.00 (by landowner)
10 years: $10,000.01 to $50,000.00 (by landowner)
20 years: $50,000.01 and over (by landowner)
Assessments under $25.00, landowners will not be mailed a notification and the assessments will automatically be added to the 2020 Property Tax Statements.
The motion was seconded by Borrell. Borrell noted that County ditches are not owned by the County, they are managed by the County. Repair costs are assessed to benefited landowners. The motion carried 5-0.
Approve Resolution Rejecting Bids For The County Ditch #10 Holding Pond And Directing the Engineer to Rebid The Holding Pond Project With A Bid Closing Date Of November 1, 2019
Detjen recommended rejecting bids received on County Ditch 10. Under Drainage Statute 103E.505 Subd. 5, the Board must reject bids that exceed the engineer’s estimate by over 30%. The current low bid was 33.7% above the engineer’s estimate. The plan is to rebid.
Potter moved to adopt Resolution 19-105 rejecting bids on County Ditch #10. The motion was seconded by Borrell. Seven bids were received. Detjen said allowing winter construction and increasing the timeline should help to reduce costs. Kryzer said the purchase of land associated with this work has been delayed until after November 1st. The purchase agreement reflects that on July 1st, each landowner may receive additional payments for loss of crop land (total of $12,000 for both) if the work is not complete. An incentive will be given to the contractors to complete the work prior to that time. The motion to adopt Resolution 19-105 carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
1. Administrator Updates:
A. MACA Conference. Kelly and Administration staff attended the MACA (MN Association of County Administrators) and MCHRMA (MN Counties Human Resources Management Association) Conferences.
B. Active Shooter Tabletop Exercise. Kelly attended the exercise which provided relevant information when moving forward with new facilities.
C. HealthPartners Clinic. Kelly, the HR Director, and the Facilities Services Director toured a HealthPartners Clinic in Anoka County. Information will be brought to a future County Board workshop.
2. Potter attended a meeting last week with Hennepin County, Metropolitan Council, and the Highway 55 Coalition. The main topic was BRT (Bus Rapid Transit). The MET Council was given information on Highway 55. BRT may be a possibility in Loretto in the future. The next meeting will be held in February.
3. Bertram Chain of Lakes Advisory Committee. Daleiden and Vetsch attended a meeting on 10-04-19. Bids for the campground are expected in January. Daleiden said the City of Monticello’s multi-purpose fields, holding pond, and parking are coming along nicely. Discussion was held with YMCA on their program schedule. Residents are encouraged to participate.
4. Parks Commission. The group toured Montissippi Park in Monticello which includes a new frisbee golf course that will open in the spring of 2020, and Riverside Park in Hanover which includes archery lanes. There are archery lanes and rifle ranges at the Silver Creek Sportsman’s Club in Silver Creek Township.
5. CAMA Demonstration from Tyler. The CAMA (Computer Aided Mass Appraisal) system is for the tax program in the Assessor’s Office. The current program is at end of life. Daleiden attended the demo and learned there are many things the system is not capable of.
Some Minnesota counties have worked through MCCC (MN Counties Computer Cooperative) and are not happy with the outcome. Much of the problem relates to the complex property tax system in Minnesota, and change can only be enacted by the Governor and State Legislators. Programs need to be built instead of buying one that is already set up.
Daleiden said at the last Leadership Team Meeting, the Administrator requested that Department Heads submit topics to discuss with Legislators. This is one of the items that was voiced. Vetsch said a COTW Meeting should be scheduled with Flaherty & Hood once topics have been identified to discuss with Legislators. Kelly’s intent is to receive the topics from departments toward the end of October. At the November County Board Workshop, the Board can determine what items to present to Legislators. A COTW meeting with Flaherty & Hood could occur in mid to late November. Daleiden would like to get the date scheduled in January to meet with Legislators. He asked that Kelly follow up.
6. Trailblazer Building Open House. Vetsch said an Open House was held for the the Trailblazer building in Buffalo last Saturday. He extended appreciation to the American Legion for the flag ceremony. An estimated 150 people attended.
7. SWCD. Vetsch said efforts are moving forward to continue with the AIS (Aquatic Invasive Species) Committee. The intent is to formalize a committee that will address AIS issues in the County. He stressed this is not to start up the inspection program. The bylaws of the committee are being worked on.
8. Buffalo Safe Schools. Husom attended a recent meeting. Wright County is the 500th entity in the nation to pass the Tobacco 21 Ordinance. A Wall Street Journal article featured material on Buffalo High School, where students were interviewed on the dangers of vaping. The effects of vaping have become an epidemic for various diseases. Vaping is receiving a lot of attention nationwide.
9. State Community Health Services Advisory Committee. Husom attended a recent meeting where information was presented on youth that have incarcerated parents, and methods of building resilience for children, parents and caregivers.
10. MEADA (Methamphetamine and Drug Awareness Coalition). The Coalition offers $500 grants to schools with programs that work toward educating youth on chemical and substance abuse. Public Health recently joined the collaboration. Website improvements are being made.
11. One Watershed One Plan (1W1P). Borrell said that Jeff Burns, SWCD, has developed a funding structure which will bring equitable funding. The goal is to hire a project coordinator and to pursue grants. Twenty percent of a grant through BWSR (Board of Water & Soil Resources) can be used toward the position.
12. Central MN Council on Aging. Borrell said several years ago, it was expressed that Wright County was not receiving the level of funding it should through this organization because there was not a service provider in Wright County. Services include homemaker, chore, and transportation services for the elderly. Wright County Community Action is now a provider and approximately $50,000 was allotted to them in 2019. The service is growing, and funding is close to being depleted. It was reported that a county, one quarter the size of Wright County, is receiving $50,000+ through this organization for the same program. Wright County does not contribute to the program but is entitled to a share of the Title 3 funding that is received from the federal government.
13. Township Officers Meeting. Borrell and Potter attended the meeting which included various topics of discussion including Planning & Zoning. The Planning & Zoning Administrator and Sheriff attended as well.
The meeting adjourned 10:05 A.M.
Minutes submitted by Susan Backes, Clerk to the County Board
Published in the Herald Journal Nov. 1, 2019.