Wright County Board Minutes

NOVEMBER 26, 2019
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Vetsch, Husom, Daleiden, Potter and Borrell present.
Husom moved to approve the 11-19-19 County Board Minutes. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried 5-0.
The following correction was made to the Agenda:
- Item For Consideration B, change all references from “11-13-19” to “12-13-19” (Kelly).
Potter moved to approve the Agenda as amended. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0.
Borrell moved to approve the Consent Agenda with the removal of Item B1 for discussion, “Administration, Refer Ag & Drainage Inspector 2019 Year End Reports To Ways And Means Committee, December 18, 2019.” Daleiden requested a friendly amendment to the motion to remove Item G1 for discussion, “Surveyor, Position Replacement: Surveyor Department Administrative Assistant.” Borrell accepted the friendly amendment to the motion. The motion was seconded by Daleiden to approve the remainder of the Consent Agenda, which follows. The motion carried 5-0.
1. Approve Contract With Crossroads Animal Shelter For Dangerous Dog Services, $3,000, January 1-December 31, 2020
1. Acknowledge Warrants Issued Between November 13, 2019 And November 19, 2019.
2. Approve Renewal of 2020 Tobacco Licenses For: Clearwater: Hasty Truck Stop DBA Olson’s Truck Stop
Cokato: 4-Way Liquors, LLC DBA 4-Way Liquors; Marohn’s Cokato Marketplace, Inc.
Monticello: City of Monticello DBA Hi-Way Liquors; Fleet Farm Wholesale Supply Co, LLC DBA Fleet Farm Fuel; Fleet Farm Wholesale Supply Co, LLC DBA Fleet Farm; AR Vapes, LLC DBA AR Vapes; Walgreen Co. DBA Walgreens #13938
St. Michael: Walgreen Co. DBA Walgreens #13842
1. Confirm Commissioner District 3 - Parks Commission Appointment Of Sarah Hansen, Albertville, MN, Effective Immediately To Fill The Term Through December 31, 2019
1. Reappoint Melissa Fee To Great River Regional Library Board, Eff. 1-01-20 To 12-31-22 2. Appoint Jacey Wallace To The Great River Regional Library Board, Eff. 1-01-20 To 12-31-22
1. Authorize Highway Engineer Virgil Hawkins And Assistant Highway Engineer Chad Hausmann To Attend The NACE (National Association Of County Engineers) Annual Meeting/Management & Technical Conference In Baldwin County, Alabama from April 19-23, 2020. County Board Approval Of This Budgeted Expense Is Required, Per County Policy, As This Involves Out-Of-State Travel
Consent Item B, Administration, “Refer Ag & Drainage Inspector 2019 Year End Reports to Ways and Means Committee, December 18, 2019.”
Borrell removed the item for discussion due to a meeting he has in St. Cloud on December 18th at 1:00 PM in St. Cloud. He asked the time of the Ways & Means Committee Meeting. Lee Kelly, County Administrator, said the meeting will occur in the morning, and he will take Borrell’s schedule into consideration when he schedules the time of the meeting. Borrell moved to approve Consent Item B. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried 5-0.
Consent Item G, Surveyor, “Position Replacement: Surveyor Department Administrative Assistant”
Daleiden removed the item to suggest referral of the position replacement to a Committee Of The Whole Meeting or the Personnel Committee Meeting.
Daleiden moved to refer the “Position Replacement: Surveyor Department Administrative Assistant” to the 12-18-19 Personnel Committee. The position replacement will be on hold until approved by the Personnel Committee. Potter seconded the motion and carried 5-0.
Approve Sponsoring Agency Resolution For A Transportation Alternative (TA) Project Application In The City Of Howard Lake. The City Is Requesting $600,000 In Federal Funding (Out Of A Total Estimated Project Cost Of $800,000)
Hawkins stated the City is applying for federal funds for sidewalk improvements. The City has a population of under 5000 so the County is required to sponsor the application. The project involves pedestrian improvements along Hwy. 12 through Howard Lake as part of a programmed mill/overlay project by MnDOT.
Potter moved to adopt Resolution #19-116 approving Wright County acting as the sponsoring agency for the Transportation Alternatives project identified as US Highway 12 Pedestrian Improvements in Howard Lake. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Approve October Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report.
Daleiden moved to approve the October Revenue/Expenditure Budget Report. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried 5-0.
Schedule A Ditch Committee Of The Whole Meeting, Public Hearing, For The Petition Of Partial Abandonment On County Ditch #29.
Hiivala explained that a Public Hearing was originally scheduled for a Redetermination of Benefits for County Ditch #29. Subsequently, a petition for partial abandonment was received. Greg Kryzer, Assistant County Attorney, said this partial abandonment will affect the restoration of records. Notice will be sent to benefited landowners.
Daleiden moved to set a Ditch Committee Of The Whole Meeting, Public Hearing, on 12-14-19 at 2:45 P.M. for the petition of partial abandonment on County Ditch #29. It was clarified that Ditch #29 Redetermination of Benefits will not be included at the Ditch Committee Of The Whole Meeting, Public Hearing, scheduled for 1-14-20 at 1:30 P.M. That meeting will include the Redetermination of Benefits for Ditches #20 and #36. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Consider Upgrade Of The Tactical Training Center Indoor Range From Pistol Only To Rifle Capable
Wilczek said the request is to consider an upgrade of the Tactical Training Center indoor range from pistol to rifle capable, as requested by Sheriff Sean Deringer. Total cost of the change is $106,197 and includes:
- addition of 3/8” AR-steel to three down range walls up to 8-feet in height
- addition of ballistic rubber tiles on side walls, floor to ceiling
- conversion of overhead mild steel baffles to 3/8” AR steel for rifle rating
Deringer explained it was an oversight but requested the upgrade to encompass all that is needed for indoor training. Borrell said he would support the request as it will reduce the amount of noise generated from an outdoor range. Funding options were discussed. The project is realizing credits in the contingencies budget because two items were doubled up in the bids. This includes the air handling unit (-$213,400) and the concrete (-$58,580). There are a couple of other items that will use contingency funds as well.
At the request of Husom, Wilczek provided an overview of the 11-19-19 Owners Committee Minutes, Tactical Training Center to outline some of those changes. He said there is approximately $15,000 in costs associated with the change in the bullet traps from as designed at a 4:1 slope to a 2:1 slope. Also, further site work resulted when gravel material at the site was removed by the Highway Department for another project. That resulted in additional material being brought to the site from land to the east and additional cost from what was in the bid documents. The IT Department has decided to keep the same size of the data room because of future use as a backup center. The estimated completion date of the Tactical Training Center is July 2020.
Daleiden moved to approve the upgrade of the Tactical Training Center Indoor Range from pistol only to rifle capable. The motion was seconded by Borrell. Funding source is the project contingency fund. The motion carried 5-0.
Husom made a motion to approve the minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Daleiden and carried 5-0. The minutes follow:
I. Tactical Training Center Updates
O’Hearn provided updates on the 6 week construction schedule. The outdoor range bullet traps are installed and TRS has left the site until spring when they will return to work on the indoor range and the outdoor target systems. The last of the footings are going in over the next couple days and the next major delivery will be precast panels. The initial shipment of panels for the range tower are scheduled to be delivered the week after Thanksgiving (12/2); the remaining panels for the building are scheduled for the week of December 9th. Both the well and septic systems are installed with power also having already been trenched in to its location. The block wall separating the indoor range from the rest of the facility is currenlty being constructed. Steel for the project is ready for delivery and will be on-site two weeks after precast panels. Overall the project is on schedule.
There was discussion about changes on the site and work that need to be completed in order to get the site ready for freeze up. See attached change order list.
There was discussion about widening the door into the range area and possibly taking the space from the data room. Wilczek spoke to hearing that the IT Department may not be planning to install as much equipment in the space pending further discussion about future use. He will bring the item to Lee Kelly for input and request direction. Sheriff Deringer commented that if they are not using the space, the Sheriff’s Dept. would prefer to expand other areas to utilize all space available, avoiding having non-utilized space in the center of the facility.
Wilczek spoke to a the potential of adding a fire pump truck connection point at the well head, more development is needed to see if it is an option that would benefit the site.
O’Hearn spoke to the cost summary sheets and explained there are two large change order credits that benefit the project budget and offset earthwork and target changes. TRS inluded the Air Handling Unit at the indoor range when it was already in the mechanical contractor’s package (-$213,400) and also included the outdoor range concrete when it was already in Donlar’s scope (-$58,580). Wilczek spoke to the turning targets and that they were a requirement on the outdoor pistal range from the start, however not noted on the plans.
The earthwork change at the bullet traps was described in that it was designed at 4:1 when it should have been a 2:1 slope per TRS. Fehn corrected it, keeping the bullet trap installation moving ahead.
Wilczek spoke to Sheriff’s Dept. requested changes on the indoor range at a cost of $106,197. The work includes the addition of steel to walls, added ballistic rubber tiles on side walls, and conversion of overhead steel baffles to 3/8”. This work would allow for firing rifles indoors, not just pistols.
O’Hearn spoke to stem walls and the change in plans to add them instead of utilizing footing/panel connections. The change was made to keep construction work moving forward as we face freeze up and avoid issues with compaction testing around the footings/panels when backfilling.
Lastly, O’Hearn noted that item 5 ($2,908) of the change request log has been resolved as contractor cost and will be deleted.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Submit the indoor range upgrades to the Board for discussion. Approve the remainder of cost items.
Owners Committee Minutes Submitted by: Alan Wilczek, Facilities Services Director
(End of 10-16-19 Owners Committee Minutes, Tactical Training Center)
Daleiden moved to approve the minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried 5-0. The minutes follow:
I. New Government Center Updates
Loesch spoke to the 3 week schedule and started by showing an image demonstrating the concrete already poured on the site. The footings for areas B and C (central and east) are poured, also some structural pads through the site. In area C, the structural core is poured to first floor and now is framed for concrete to level 2. The area B stair and elevator foundation shafts are poured up to level 1. Loesch indicated the deep sanitary line is installed and is stubbed from outside the SE corner into area B. Currie noted the construction will go from east to west throughout the project as phasing in this method allows more steel to be erected with tie-ins into the east shaft structure. The group had general discussion about the long term project schedule and anticipate approximately 23-24 months.
Currie next spoke to the project budget. There are currently approximately $36k in change orders primarily due to the State plan review and subsequent required plumbing changes. Pending additional items to the overall budget are the SE parking changes and structure, 3rd floor buildout currently out for pricing, trunk access fees, and café space needs.
Wilczek spoke to the potential dental clinic space and the impact on the facility sanitary lines that required upsizing. There was also discussion around the status of the clinic planning, including general discussion about B3 requirements and funding sources. Wilczek noted there are some State funding challenges that Sarah Grosshuesch is working through and BKV is speaking with her regarding possible architectural services. It was recommended the dental clinc be referred to a Committee of the Whole for further discussion.
Paulsen spoke to the overall site work and he indicated the stormwater lines are mostly installed on the whole parking area. Remaining stormwater connections include the areas immediately in front of the GC and around the south side of the JC.
Daleiden asked about the B&M changes noted on the agenda, Currie/Enright described them as civil connection changes resulting in mechanical changes.
Kelly spoke to the need for discussion on the café space and the process to fill it. Some discussion occurred around the general use of the café, but ultimately it was suggested to refer the topic to a Committee of the Whole.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Refer the dental clinic and the café discussion to the December 13, 2019 Committee of the Whole. Next meeting 12/18/19.
Owners Committee Minutes Submitted by: Alan Wilczek, Facilities Services Director
(End of 11-20-19 Owners Committee Minutes, New Government Center)
Potter moved to approve the minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Daleiden. At the request of Daleiden, Wilczek provided an update on the rail cap for the bench and jury box areas. The stone cap couldn’t be manufactured with the curve. Using stacks of simulated stone creates a seam. Different options have been explored and the plan is to router the stacked layers of stone to make the seam look more natural. Samples will be reviewed. He stated to change to wood and 90-degree angles would require revisions, resulting in a charge from the wood suppliers. If the option to router the stone works, it would be at little or no cost. The motion carried 5-0. The minutes follow:
I. Justice Center Updates
Paulsen spoke to schedule with current activity and the two week outlook.
On the exterior, the stormwater piping is mostly in and the parking areas are to rough grade. The contractor has worked through the frost to get the work completed. Work is nearly complete for 2019 and the site work will continue in spring. On the front entrance, the installation of stone and longboard under overhang is ongoing.
Level 0 work mostly entails interior framing. The walls are mostly framed through area C (south end), and the crew is working in the area of the Law Library now. Other trades are working on rough ins.
On Level 1, the Courtroom speakers and wood panels are being installed. Coiling doors are awaiting delivery and installation, then framing will be completed in Area A. Misc. other framing in area A is taking place along with sheetrocking in the public restrooms. The flooring is being installed in the IDF room and IT equipment racks will follow.
On Level 2, crews are finishing sheetrock and taping. The east judicial corridor ramps are framed, wood will be installed next week. Painting on the frames and holding areas will be complete next week with wall covering also going in the deliberation rooms. IT cable management is currently being finalized.
Level 3 is seeing paint finishes on much of the floor. Courtroom wood panel installation will continue and then the bench area wood will be installed in early December. Restrooms are tiled, fixtures will start to go in all except area A public. Instatallation of the venetian plaster has begun in stair A of the lobby and Terrazzo floor installation will begin in about 2 weeks.
Work in the penthouse area includes continued hvac piping to the mechanical units.
Currie indicated there are no long term schedule adjustments and spring work will depend on frost.
Currie also spoke to the budget and changes to contingency with change orders. With regard to current outstanding change orders, they are minor in scope and none require owner committee approval.
Filippi noted there is still a large portion of PR 63 (parking lot changes) remaining approval. The team is working through pricing details for groups including site improvements, electrical, and landcape. This information will be presented to the Board over the winter months in order to be prepared for starting work in spring. Wilczek mentioned a potential add of a wood cap on the Judical corridor ramp walls as they are currently unprotected. He will work with BKV to design and price a very simple installation.
Wilczek spoke to east parking area potential changes and noted they are not yet ready for review. The main focus has been on the 3rd floor changes for the Government Center and now attention will go back to parking development.
Filippi mentioned there was a project lighting rebate of approx $52k received from the City of Buffalo. The funds will credit back to the project account.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Next meeting 12/18/19.
Owners Committee Minutes Submitted by: Alan Wilczek, Facilities Services Director
(End of 11-20-19 Owners Committee Minutes, Justice Center)
Husom moved to approve the minutes and recommendations. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried 5-0. The minutes follow:
I. Reduce Two 1.0FTE PHN Positions to Two .5FTE PHN Positions
II. Reclassify Vacant 1FTE PHN Position To 1FTE Social Worker Position
III. Reclassify 1FTE Case Aide Position To 1FTE Social Worker Position
Health & Human Services Director, Jami Goodrum gave an overview of the three agenda item requests and explained that they are all related to each other. Goodrum recalled that back in 2015 or 2016, when they had set up the MnCHOICES unit from the Department of Health Services (DHS) they believed that the best practice at the time was to include Public Health Nurses (PHN) and Social Workers (SW) in conducting assessments. She reported that currently there are two PHN positions that report to a Social Services Supervisor.
Goodrum explained that both current PHN positions are long-term employees and that both employees are interested in moving to a part-time (.50 FTE) positions, which allows a vacancy in a PHN position. With County Board approval, she would then seek to reclassify the vacant PHN position to a SW position within the MnCHOICES area. Goodrum noted that in the MnCHOICES area they have a Case Aide position that has already been working out of class as a SW for a few months and this position has been approved for the remainder of 2019. Goodrum explained that with the reclassification of the vacant PHN to a SW position this will result in a lower position classification and financial savings for the County. HHS is also requesting to reclassify a full-time Case Aide position to a full-time SW position to work with re-assessments in the MnCHOICES unit.
Goodrum provided the committee members with the November 2019 Health & Human Services Staff Reclassification Budget (attached) identifying that the proposed reclassification would result in a projected cost savings of $21,400 in the 2020 budget. Goodrum also distributed a proposed Organizational Chart of the Social Services Division (attached) which included the proposed position reclassifications and approved 2020 positions.
A discussion was held regarding the correct procedures for posting the reclassified positions. Human Resources Director Schawn Johnson stated that he did not have any concerns about the reclassification proposal that was submitted by HHS. Commissioner Christine Husom and Commissioner Mark Daleiden were also agreeable to the proposed HHS position reclassifications.
RECOMMENDATION: Approve Reduce Two 1.0FTE PHN Positions to Two .5FTE PHN Positions.
RECOMMENDATION: Approve to Reclassify Vacant 1FTE PHN Position To 1FTE Social Worker Position.
RECOMMENDATION: Approve to Reclassify 1FTE Case Aide Position To 1FTE Social Worker Position.
Personnel Committee Minutes Submitted By Kathleen Brannan-Merritt
(End of 11-20-19 Personnel Committee Minutes)
1. Add Topics To The 12-13-19 Owners Committee Of The Whole Meeting:
A. New Government Center
1. Trunk Access Charges
2. Dental Clinic
3. HealthPartners Health Clinic
4. Café Space
2. Remove Topics From The 12-13-19 Owners Committee Of The Whole Meeting:
A. Review Pricing Changes For The 3rd Floor New Government Center
Kelly said there is a Committee Of The Whole (COTW) meeting scheduled for 12-13-19 to review pricing changes for the 3rd Floor, New Government Center. The request is to set a new date for that topic, and to refer other topics to the already established 12-13-19 COTW Meeting (Trunk Access Charges, Dental Clinic, HealthPartners Health Clinic, and Café Space).
Daleiden moved to modify the 12-13-19 COTW Agenda as identified. The motion was seconded by Husom. The 12-13-19 COTW Meeting was originally set at 12:00 PM, but the motion includes changing the start time to 11:30 AM. The motion carried 5-0.
Potter moved to schedule an Owners COTW Meeting, New Government Center, for 12-19-19 at 1:30 PM. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Borrell moved to set a COTW Meeting to discuss Strategic Planning on 12-31-19 at 10:00 AM or following the Board Meeting scheduled for that day. The motion was seconded by Potter and carried 5-0.
1. Administrator Updates:
A. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) meetings continue on budget sessions.
B. The County Board Meeting to discuss the 2020 budget and levy is scheduled for 12-03-19 at 6:00 PM. Staff is working on budget adjustments to present. Final adoption of the 2020 budget will occur at the 12-17-19 Board Meeting.
C. Staff continues to gather information for the COTW Meetings scheduled for 12-13-19.
D. Staff met on the 2020 Workshop/Board Meeting schedule that was recently approved adding a Board Meeting on Workshop dates. Kelly thinks an option is to present time sensitive items at the Workshop Meeting rather than to hold an additional Board Meeting on those dates.
E. Meetings next week include union negotiations, ERP, and the County Board Meeting to discuss the 2020 budget and levy. The following week will be the Association of Minnesota Counties annual conference.
2. Trailblazer Meeting. Potter and Vetsch attended a meeting last week. Discussion included the partnership with Sibley and McLeod Counties. Vetsch said MnDOT hired a firm to do a 5-year plan. Vetsch attended a Trailblazer Meeting yesterday to conduct the review of the Executive Director. Borrell asked if there has been discussion on whether Wright County should have its own system because of the size and population of Wright County. Vetsch responded that a decision was made at the Trailblazer Meeting to operate for the next two years. Additional discussion could occur after that. Potter extended appreciation to Kevin Kassel for serving on that Board.
3. I-94 Coalition. Potter attended a meeting last week. The BUILD Grant was not received. The request was for $25 million. Most of those that received grant funding had submittals in the $13-18 million range. MnDOT has slated that section for replacement in 2025, so next year the request might garner more attention as it will be within the 5-year plan.
4. Mental Health Task Force. Daleiden attended a meeting last week. Discussion included the lack of housing and beds for those in need. He said the group is always in looking for new members that have an interest in mental health.
5. Wright County Community Action (WCCA). The WCCA will host a Tree Walk on 11-30-19 at 3:00 PM at the Village Hall in Waverly. This is a fundraising event. Trees will be decorated and donated to those in need. Some of the activities include pictures with Santa, readings with Mrs. Santa, and food vendors.
6. Vetsch attended informational meetings on 11-19-19 on the redetermination of benefits for Ditches #20, #29, and #36.
7. Vetsch attended the Silver Creek Township Meeting where a vote was taken to move forward with the intent to join the CMRP (Central Mississippi River Regional Planning Partnership).
8. CMRP. Vetsch recently attended a meeting where the group adopted the potential budget for 2020. Vetsch anticipates the group will act in December on the applications of Silver Creek Township and Monticello Township to join the CMRP.
9. Wright County Emergency Medical Services Advisory Council. Husom attended a recent meeting. A mapping presentation was made on drug overdose locations in Minnesota to determine resource needs. The regional and local updates included active shooter training, and the heart safe communities has moved to having a metro coordinator.
10. Central MN Emergency Medical Services Region. Husom attended a recent meeting. There have been seven saves with Narcan this year. Unfortunately, there have been deaths associated with overdosing. The Stearns County Services Center recently did a building addition, and Marian Larson with EMS will relocate to that space. The group continues to seek more stable funding, so they can offer more training and equipment grants to local fire departments. Husom said there are 11 counties in the region, and those counties vary in services provided. A spreadsheet on the counites in the region will be created to reflect where the needs are relative to grants. Sourcewell is operating in Region 5, and there are five counties in the Central MN region that could benefit from their services. They have trainers on retainer that would be a free service for those counties.
11. Buffalo Area Dementia Friends. Husom announced a caregiver support group that meets on Tuesdays from 9:30 to 11:00 AM at the Zion Lutheran Church in Buffalo.
12. Minnesota Watershed District Meeting with the DNR (Department of Natural Resources). Borrell attended a meeting. Discussion included ditches, who has authority over public waters, and working together.
13. Daleiden said that State Representative Nick Zerwas, who represents a portion of Otsego, is resigning due to health reasons. Commissioners extended appreciation for his service to Wright County.
The meeting adjourned at 10:23 A.M.
Published in the Herald Journal Dec. 13, 2019.