Wright County Board Minutes

JANUARY 28, 2020
The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Vetsch, Potter, Daleiden and Borrell present.
Borrell referenced the 1-14-20 County Board Workshop Minutes contained within last week’s 1-21-20 Wright County Board Meeting minutes. Regarding the Future of Economic Development item, Borrell said the motion was only to approve the minutes. The motion passed. The recommendation was to increase the annual funding from $65,000 to $130,000 if the Wright County Economic Development Partnership (WCEDP) agrees to allow a second Wright County Commissioner to sit on their Board. Borrell said the recommendation was not part of the motion. Borrell said he voted in favor of the minutes but not the recommendation.
Husom said it is in the minutes. Borrell said he watched the video of the meeting. After the vote, Husom said, “The minutes and recommendations are approved.” Borrell said that was not the motion. He was expecting the topic to come back for debate. He is not opposed to the increase in funding but wants to add a condition that the WCEDP discontinue membership in the Greater MSP organization in addition to adding another County Commissioner to sit on their board.
Brian Asleson, Chief Deputy County Attorney, said the Board doesn’t take an actual vote in committees. There is discussion and a consensus to determine a recommendation. Often the recommendation includes action items. Asleson recalled that when there is a contract or agreement that needs signatures or is going out for bids, there may be a recommendation to approve the minutes and the recommendations. The Board could go either way. Borrell can either register his concerns and dissent, or the Board can take an action to specifically approve the increase in funding for the WCEDP.
Husom said there was consensus at the Workshop regarding increasing the funding to WCEDP. Daleiden added that it was contingent on the WCEDP Board approving a second County Commissioner. They were meeting on the 24th of January. He did not know if they have communicated a decision to the County yet. Asleson said the Board could have a discussion on the item, especially since the County is waiting for a response from WCEDP.
Vetsch asked to add this topic as Item C under Items for Consideration. Borrell said the minutes are correct. The motion to approve the minutes did not include approving the recommendations. Daleiden said a formal approval was not given since the County Board was waiting to hear back from WCEDP. Vetsch said the consensus is that the Board did not make a formal approval on increasing funding to the WCEDP. Borrell said he would approve the 1-21-20 Wright County Board minutes.
Potter noted a correction to the 1-21-20 Wright County Board Minutes, Page 6, Item 5 under Advisory Committee / Advisory Board Updates. The first line of this item should read, “Owners Committee Meeting, New Government Center. Vetsch provided an update.”
Daleiden moved to approve the minutes as amended. Vetsch seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.
Vetsch added “Economic Development Position Per Workshop Discussion” as Item C under Items for Consideration. Vetsch moved to approve the Agenda as amended. Daleiden seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.
Borrell asked to pull Item A.1. Administration, Approval of Revised Wright County Financial Policies for discussion. Daleiden moved to approve the Consent Agenda with the above change. Vetsch seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.
Borrell said he likes to see changes to County Policies before approving them. Husom said the changes are in red. Vetsch said most of the changes are related to environmentally sustainable products and services. He added that most of the changes are boilerplate clauses. The other changes are from $25,000 to $25,001, or $100,000 to $100,001. Vetsch said purchasing will include consideration of environmentally friendly products or services as part of the decision-making process. Borrell moved to approve the Revised Wright County Financial Policies. Vetsch seconded, and the motion carried unanimously.
1. Acknowledge Warrants Issued Between January 14, 2020 And January 21, 2020.
2. Approve Precious Metal Dealer License For Shaphan Kirkpatrick DBA National Gold Consultants (City of Monticello)
1. Accept The Findings And Recommendation Of The Planning Commission For The Following Request To Rezone:
A. RICHARD BROWN - (Buffalo Twp.) - A Recommendation By The Planning Commission Was Unanimous To Rezone The Parcel From AG General Agricultural And S-2 Residential-Recreational Shorelands To A/R Agricultural-Residential And S-2 Residential-Recreational Shorelands.
Identify Funding Source for Briarwood Avenue Turn Lanes and Improvement Project
Mattice has met frequently with the Transportation Committee of the Whole, Monticello Township, and the City of Monticello regarding Briarwood Avenue turn lanes and improvements. The most recent decision was for the County to develop a plan for turn lanes and improvements to Briarwood Avenue, and the City would do all the construction management, staking, pay applications, and so on. A Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) was signed last week between the City and the County. A funding source should be identified, and once the plans are finalized and the Highway Department makes revisions, the plans will be sent to the City and Township for their approval. Mattice will then proceed with bids. The engineer’s estimate is about $325,000. Mattice estimates a budget of $350,000. If the City pays half, the County portion would be $175,000. This is for two turn lanes.
Mattice said he has spoken with Sue Vergin, Assistant County Coordinator, about funding options. It appears the County can fund $175.000 with turnback dollars. Daleiden said the price will go up if they wait too long. Vetsch does not like spending turnback dollars, but in this case, the project came up suddenly. The turn lanes are needed sooner than later.
Daleiden moved to approve the funding source for Briarwood Avenue Turn Lanes and Improvement Project from turnback dollars, seconded by Vetsch. Potter said he was uncomfortable approving this because the request process requires funding sources to be identified, and turnback dollars are not guaranteed. He does not want this to become a common practice.
The motion carried unanimously.
Approve Application for Elections Grant to Replace Assisted Voting Technology
Tammi Vaith, Chief Deputy Auditor/Treasurer – Property Tax Administrator, said they are requesting approval of an elections grant to replace the AutoMark voting technology currently in place. There is a new machine called an OmniBallot. The grant would help purchase this equipment.
Corissa Aronson, Office Manager – Election & Auditor/Treasurer, said the OmniBallot is an assistive voting device for voters to help mark their ballots. She has not seen a demonstration of the OmniBallot, but they have been told that it is an off-the-shelf tablet and printer for printing the ballot.
Daleiden asked what advantages the OmniBallot has compared to the AutoMark. Aronson said the AutoMark machines are aging. The OmniBallot vendor says voters will like the tablet technology, and the County will see more use out of this machine versus the AutoMark. The grant is a fifty percent match. Vergin said no funds are designated for election equipment in the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Aronson said the grant application is due Friday, January 31, 2020.
Discussion continued regarding moving the elections equipment cost to CIP. Daleiden moved to adopt Resolution #20-06, Approving Application for Elections Grant to Replace Assisted Voting Technology, on the condition that the vendor provides a demonstration and more information before the County Board gives final approval of the purchase. Potter seconded the motion. Aronson will arrange a demonstration. Resolution #20-06 carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
At today’s County Board meeting, Borrell moved to approve the 1-21-20 911 Planning Committee minutes, seconded by Vetsch. The motion carried unanimously. The minutes follow:
I. ARMER Radio Connectivity / Fiber Connectivity Status
An updated agenda was distributed at the meeting (see attached). Captain Todd Hoffman, Sheriff’s Office, asked Matthew Fomby, Information Technology Director, to provide an update regarding the fiber connectivity status that was underneath the backup dispatch center. Fomby said they met with the City of Buffalo. An engineering team is looking at the proposed solution to make sure it is feasible. Then it will go out for bids. Fomby is hoping for a maximum two-week turnaround to get the final bids, decide, and sign the contract, hopefully by mid-March. Ground cannot be broken until the first of May. Digging should be done by the end of May to early June. The fiber will go as far as the County decides is best. They are building in additional capacity for future needs.
Justice Center Tower
Alan Wilczek, Facilities Services Director, said the tower is on order and will ready in a few weeks. Everything else is in place. Money for the tower is coming out of the building project fund. Hoffman said it was initially determined that the Justice Center was blocking the microwave signal. A temporary microwave dish was placed on top of the Justice Center to get connectivity to Buffalo Minnesota Department of Transportation (MnDOT). The Sheriff’s Office understood that the cost would be packaged somehow in the Justice Center building project. Seth Hansen, Emergency Management Director, said the second half of the tower cost involves the equipment needed to complete the tower, move the tower from the temporary to the permanent site atop the Justice Center, labor, and make it functional totals about $47,000.
Hoffman said those expenses are outside the four corners of the Dispatch Center and make them ineligible for 911 funding. The Board needs to authorize Granite Electronics to order the equipment and do the work, and to coordinate with Contegrity on-site. Wilczek said no data or cables have been pulled yet. They will not be able to go live with the system for a while.
Hoffman said the original plan was to put a second microwave antenna pointing to the Enfield MnDOT station. That would give the County an alternate connection if something disrupted the connection to the Buffalo MnDOT station. The problem with this solution is the County would still be relying on one tower. If anything happened at this location, connectivity would be lost. Discussion continued regarding potential ways the connection could be disrupted.
Wilczek said the County system is currently connected to the Public Works Building, which goes to the MnDOT tower. The tower on top of the Justice Center will connect directly to the MnDOT tower in Buffalo, and the Public Works Building tower will no longer be needed.
Hoffman said the Tactical Training Center project (TTC) required them to change plans. The TTC provides the option to have a microwave tower that would connect directly to MnDOT Buffalo. Engineering for the Justice Center tower has already been done and the tower is high enough. If they built a tower at the TTC, they could connect to Buffalo. Once that was set, all that would be required would be removing it and transferring the dish to the Enfield side. This would provide two points of connectivity to ARMER from two independent locations. If something happened at the Law Enforcement Center (LEC), there would be an alternate line to maintain connectivity through fiber to the Dispatch Center. Once the signal got to the TTC, it would be on the system and the backup Dispatch Center would function.
Hoffman said the Sheriff’s Office is seeking a funding source for $47,000 to cover these costs. Wilczek said it is not in the budget. There have been a lot of changes to the Justice Center project that have eaten away at the contingency funds. Some site expenses have been allocated to the Government Center project to make it work. He asked for direction regarding how to fund this expense.
Discussion continued regarding certain funds and how the temporary tower was paid. Hoffman said the temporary tower was never meant to be permanent. A determination needs to be made whether it is beneficial to have a secondary connection to ARMER. The expense may outweigh the benefit. This won’t be determined until further discussions regarding the TTC are held. Hansen said communications experts will always vote for having a redundant path.
Sue Vergin, Assistant County Administrator, said there are two options for funding the $47,000:
1) Justice Center Building Fund, or 2) Site Improvements remaining from 2019.
Wilczek clarified that they were only looking at the one connection to Buffalo MnDOT and not the Enfield at this point. Hoffman said that is correct. Charles Borrell, County Commissioner, expressed concern about spending money for a backup system that will likely be obsolete in ten years.
Recommendation: Vergin will check for funding sources from either the Justice Center Building Fund or 2019 Site Improvements.
II. Dispatch Center
IES 911 Hardware Refresh Update
Haley DuBois, Communications 911 – PSAP Manager, provided an update on the IES 911 hardware refresh. They cut over to the new hardware on December 11, 2019. There were no issues. Dispatchers now have many more options.
Hoffman said the 911 side of it is completely separate from the Motorola radio and paging systems. The 911 Center handles calls coming into the County. A refresh will be needed approximately every five years. Shawna Athman, Business Manager for the Sheriff’s Office, said the expense was about $142,000. In five years that will likely be about $150,000. Hoffman said those expenses are eligible to be paid out of the 911 Funds. DuBois said this system will work with the Backup Dispatch Center as well.
Verint Recorder Hardware Refresh Update
DuBois said this is the premise logger where they record phone calls and radio traffic. This system changed over the same week as the 911 hardware refresh. They are still trying to work through some issues. Jim Kaufman, Technical Applications Specialist in the Sheriff’s Office, said this server will be shut down in 60 days. They are still migrating data to the new server. Hoffman said this is also a 911-funded expense.
GIS State Project Update
Alek Halvorson, GIS Coordinator, said the County applied for a State grant in the amount of $92,000 for GIS data maintenance and the Next Generation 911 system. To date there has been no answer from the State regarding whether the grant application was approved. Halvorson said since it is a reimbursement grant, the County was advised to wait for approval before proceeding with the project.
Motorola ARMER Upgrade
Hansen said Athman and he will be meeting on 1/29/20 regarding the equipment upgrade at the tower site. Athman said this is an unplanned expense of several hundred thousand dollars.
Recommendation: Informational only.
III. Backup Dispatch Center
Hoffman said the question is whether the Backup Dispatch Center should be built as a backup in the event physical damage such as fire or a tornado occurs at the main facility, rendering it inoperable. It would take as long as three months or more to get the primary Dispatch Center functional in that kind of emergency. There is a temporary backup location for the County through Sherburne County that would handle 911 calls for a day or two. The initial discussion was to have a complete backup, with the secondary center running at the same time, but if something happened at the main Dispatch Center, staff could go to the TTC where the backup Dispatch Center is located. Hoffman does not know the cost, and it is not budgeted. Most of the equipment would be 911-funds eligible. He has received a few rough estimates of the cost. They need an estimate regarding the cost of a complete backup versus a more limited backup. Hoffman also wants to consider the possibility of placing a tower at the TTC. Discussion continued regarding options such as disassembling and reassembling the tower at the current Government Center versus buying a new one. Hoffman said a full equipment inventory and assessment should be done. He suggested gathering recommendations and compiling a budgetary estimate. Most of the equipment on the four corners of the Justice Center would be 911-funded. The tower itself is not. This may be a multi-year plan. He has spoken with True North Consulting Group and Mission Critical Partners, and PSC Alliance who submitted proposals (see attachments). Hoffman recommended True North. When he receives pertinent information regarding the cost, Hoffman will present it to the County Board.
It was decided that this Committee will meet at least once per quarter or as needed.
Recommendation: Authorize Hoffman to gather information from True North Consulting Group regarding the cost of a backup Dispatch Facility.
(End of 1-21-20 911 Planning Committee Minutes)
At today’s County Board meeting, Daleiden moved to approve the 1-15-20 Owners Committee Justice Center minutes, seconded by Potter. The motion carried unanimously. The minutes follow:
I. Justice Center Construction Updates
Paulsen updated the schedule progress.
Exterior – The remaining metal wall panels will be coming next week, but the contractor will wait to install around the entry until stone cap questions are resolved. Concrete has been poured in stair D and crews will begin working on finishes.
Level 0 – Estimated that 40% of the level is sheetrocked with crews continuing to work south to north. The mechanical contractor plans to final test, flush, and fill the hydronic system next week.
Level 1 – Painting area B. Court Administraion department space is painted and the contractor is working on the east corridor. Area A is currently being sheetrocked.
Level 2 – The ceiling grid in the holding areas is being installed with the office areas already completed. Crews also are continuing to frame and drywall stair A, install fixtures & devices, finish restroom details, pull security cabling, and install casework.
Level 3 – Contractors are working on courtroom 3042 bench millwork and raised floor framing. The acoustic ceiling tiles will begin to be installed next week with wallcovering and flooring to follow.
Currie spoke to the long term schedule and that he anticipates the loading dock will be open the 2nd week of June with the main campus entry opening the first week of August.
Currie also spoke to the project budget as the contingency appears exhausted, however some of those costs will be coming out of the Government Center. Wilczek explained the changes to the site resulted from the campus redesign, and thus some of those costs will be paid from the GC budget.
Wilczek spoke to the main public corridor lighting and issues that are arising with the framed opening compared to the delivered fixture sizes. Several alternate options are being explored to maximize the fixture use while avoiding any costs. Wilczek also spoke to the venetian plaster and some concerns that have arisen with installation. The first portion on stair A has been rejected and several samples of installation methods are being evaluated.
Wilczek highlighted a proposal from Com-Tec to add cameras in the jail with their retrofit. O’Malley then spoke to the need and the purpose of the adds. He explained the coverage in the kitchen and some housing units could use some improvement and now seems to be the appropiate time to complete.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Complete the installation of additional jail cameras per the proposal with half of the cost funding coming from the Sheriff Dept. / Jail budget. Next meeting February 19, 2020.
Submitted by: Alan Wilczek, Facilities Services Director
(End of 1-15-20 Owners Committee Justice Center minutes)
Alan Wilczek, Facilities Services Director, said regarding the overall costs of PR9 that the Committee requested approval of all categories except Categories 8, 26, 27, 28, and 31. The Committee recommended that Wilczek be given the authority to approve those items when they are ready to keep the project moving forward. County Administrator Lee Kelly will sign the change orders. Therefore, those items will not come back to the Board for approval. At today’s County Board meeting, Vetsch moved to approve the 1-15-20 Owners Committee New Government Center minutes and recommendations, seconded by Borrell. The motion carried unanimously. The minutes follow:
I. New Government Center Updates
Loesch spoke to the short term schedule. He referenced an electronic image that showed nearly all footings and pads have been poured and are comlete. Both towers C (east) and B (center) are up to the roof level. Area A (west) shaft tower is starting to go up as well and is currently at level 1. Iron delivery will start 1/16/20 and Patriot will start setting the first two floors within about one week thereafter. Loesch also noted that Wells has started fabrication of the precast panels. Currie indicated the long term schedule is a little behind due to weather and the timing of PR9. Contegrity is working to identify ways of making up time where possible and getting back closer to the original schedule.
Currie spoke to the budget and current change orders with notable pending additions to the facility cost including the expanded east parking lot and the motor pool parking structure. With specific reference to current change orders, PR8 was noted as needing committee approval with costs over $10k. The work includes constructability changes to the step footings along the north wall in area A at a cost of $12,647.
Filippi spoke PR9 and the cost sheet. At the time it was presented to the County Board, the total was over $3.8M. Through further detailing and qualification efforts, the sub total was reduced to $3.572M. Wilczek spoke to several value engineering options noted at the bottom of the sheet. The first two items reference the finish level of the shelled space. It was recommended by Wilczek that all finishes are removed from the PR and the issue is reviewed at a later date to determine visibility from the exterior. He noted there may be an additional change order at some point to add limited elements back in, however at this time recommends that nothing is contracted. There was discussion on VE3 and the screening of rooftop equipment. Vetsch indicated he didn’t see an issue with visibility of the chiller from certain points of ground level. Item number 4 references the IT department ceiling and some unique elements for consideration. Item 5 was described as a direct purchase of a roof railing system that would save costs over contractor fabrication. The pending item on the sheet is in reference to additional mechanical and ramp changes for the IT server room raised floor. Wilczek noted that the raised floor is already in the PR cost, however there are still some additional changes to accommodate that system. It was asked why a raised floor is being installed and additional mechanical changes needed, Wilczek stated the previous IT leadership did not want a raised floor so it was left out. New leadership has requested it be included in PR9. Vetsch indicated he would organize a conversation with staff to determine if it will be included.
With reference to the overall costs of PR9, it was requested that all categories be approved with the exception of 8, 26, 27, 28, and 31. Value Engineer items 1, 3, and 5 to be selected with #4 being on hold for further discussion. There was also a request made to authorize Wilczek to approve the remaining categories when ready in an effort to keep the project moving; the County Administrator would sign the change orders.
Riley asked about the motor pool parking structure plans and the east parking lot. Wilczek spoke to the question and possible concepts. He described that to this point PR9 has been the significant focus of the project team, however the parking will be next since PR9 is getting wrapped up.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Approve PR8 and PR9 with VE items except categories 4, 26, 27, 28, 31 and VE4. IT floor systems to be discussed between Commissioner Vetsch and IT staff with a recommendation to follow. Wilczek authorized to approve reamining PR9 items. Next meeting 2/19/19.
Submitted by: Alan Wilczek, Facilities Services Director
(End of 1-15-20 Owners Committee New Government Center Minutes)
At today’s County Board meeting, Borrell moved to approve the 1-21-20 Owners Committee Tactical Training Center minutes, seconded by Potter. The motion carried unanimously. The minutes follow:
I. Tactical Training Center Updates
McKenzie spoke to the upcoming schedule. The roof decking is complete and was inspected last week; only the range tower roof remains for inspection. The moisture barrier will be applied next week. The framing contractor will be working on roof blocking and getting started with their contract scope. Roof insulation will be coming Thursday and the roof installation is tracking for the week of February 3rd. Temporary heat is anticipated for the week of February 3rd as well and it is anticipated to take approximately 2 weeks to pull out the frost from the ground before underground piping and concrete slab planning will begin. All material long range scheduling is tracking well including the installation of range equipment which will be ready when the site is.
O’Hearn asked about signage and AED installation was discussed for two locations - front entry and range tower. Wilczek indicated he will connect with the Risk Manager to get specs on the recessed AED boxes. O’Hearn spoke to the gate loop being installed in class 5 and everything was confirmed with the contractor to be ok with operation in the environment designed. The indoor range scope was confirmed that it is rifle capable and the trap will receive rifle rounds.
There was some discussion with the group about technology and the Emergency Operations Center (EOC). Wilczek indicated he will set up meetings with BKV and Spye to walk through 3D floor plans, technology, and EOC furniture with the Sheriff’s Dept. staff. The timing of the propane service installation was questioned and Wilczek said he is still awaiting the 2nd proposal.
He will share with the team when received.
Fomby spoke to the fiber installation schedule. The group is currently working through engineering and proposal solicitation, then it is anticipated the work will be performed in May. He noted a roughly 30 – 45 day install.
RECOMMENDATIONS: Next meeting February 18, 2020.
Submitted by: Alan Wilczek, Facilities Services Director
(End 1-21-2- Owners Committee Tactical Training Center Minutes)
Sue Vergin, Assistant County Administrator, explained that many of the budget amendments before the Board were identified and budgeted to be completed in 2019. However, due to unforeseen circumstances, they will not be completed until 2020. The Board may be aware of some of these items. They are:
1) Funding for the Classification and Compensation Study: It was anticipated that some of these monies would be carried over to 2020 as part of implementation. That amount is $2,095,000.
2) Funding for Additional Equipment at the Justice Center 800 MHZ Tower: Vergin said the amount is $47,000. There is funding left over in the 2019 Site Improvements Funds that would be carried forward to complete that project.
3) Paving Improvements to the County Fair Grounds: Vergin said this is for crack and surface sealing. When this was originally brought to the County Board, the preliminary budget had already been set and could not be increased for this item. She requested approval to take turnback dollars in the amount of $35,000 to be used for this project.
4) Fleet Vehicle: A vehicle purchase was planned for 2019. Due to State Contract deadlines, the County was unable to purchase it. Vergin asked to be able to move $20,800 from the Motor Pool 2019 budget to the Motor Pool 2020 budget. The vehicle should be here in February.
5) Information Technology (IT): Vergin said there are several items. Many are due to staff turnover, unfilled positions, changing leadership, and general shifts in priorities. The request is to carry them over from the IT 2019 Budget to the IT 2020 Budget. Many of these items are tied to ongoing projects. Vergin said Ryan Kotila, Fiscal Officer, has verified that these funds are available to move forward.
6) Administration – Additional Allocation to the Wright County Economic Development Partnership (WCEDP): Vergin said the County Board came to a consensus at the 1-14-20 Wright County Board Workshop to increase the annual contribution from $65,000 to $130,000. This would be a $65,000 carry forward to 2020. The recommendation was to take these funds from Professional Services.
Daleiden said approval of the increase was contingent on the WCEDP allowing a second Wright County Commissioner seat on their Board. Potter said he met with the WCEDP on 1-24-20. They had no issue with this matter. They need to work out their Bylaws to keep the number of members on their board to an odd number. They are all in favor of adding a second County Board member and felt it was appropriate due to the County’s increased contribution. They asked the County Board to give them until 2021 to hire a new executive director and review the bylaws to make sure they are followed correctly. Otherwise, there was no dissent.
Borrell asked whether the WCEDP board discussed discontinuing their membership with Greater MSP. He does not see the value for the County. Potter said he believes the new executive director will make that decision.
7) Parks: Vergin said there are two projects.
i. Design Build Contract for Bertram Campground Support Buildings – Line 6261 in the amount of $23,700. Bid documents were completed this month. The bid release has occurred.
ii. Consultant Service from Loucks for Civil Engineering, Construction Documents/Plans, and Bid Documents – Line 6605 in the amount of $45,200. Final plans will be completed this month. The bid release will be in February 2020.
8) Recorder’s Office: The County Recorder is asking to move some unspent dollars allocated for training in 2019 to the 2020 budget in the amount of $750.00.
Potter moved to adopt Resolution #20-07 Authorizing 2019 Budget Carry Overs to 2020. Daleiden seconded, and the Resolution carried 5-0 on a roll call vote.
Vetsch asked if Borrell wanted to move forward with the increase in funding to the WCEDP from $65,000 to $130,000 annually. Borrell said he would like to make it contingent on the WCEDP discontinuing their membership to the Greater MSP organization, at a savings of $10,000. Vetsch said he is hoping to get a seat on the WCEDP. He wants to ask questions. Since the WCEDP is paying Greater MSP dues out of their own funds, Vetsch asked Borrell to hold off for one more year until the new executive director can determine whether there is value in the Greater MSP membership. Husom said this matter will come before the Board during Budget 2021 discussions.
Vetsch suggested scheduling a Committee Of The Whole with the WCEDP to introduce the new executive director, talk about Greater MSP, and learn more about the makeup of their board. Husom added fundraising efforts as an additional topic.
1) Wright County Economic Development Partnership: Borrell said the WCEDP has scheduled speaker Ross Bernstein on Friday, 1-31-20, at 7:30 A.M. at St. Michael City Hall. Potter said 140 were already signed up for the session.
2) Central Mississippi Regional Planning Partnership (CMRP): Vetsch said the CMRP met on 1-23-20. They went through a branding exercise, and had a good discussion with the consultant, who will provide post planning outcomes to educate the group regarding what regional planning looks like at the end.
3) Trailblazer Transit: Vetsch and County Administrator Lee Kelly met with Trailblazer regarding selection of the architect for their expansion. They will move forward with Vos Construction as construction manager, and Brunton Architects, Ltd. as the architect.
4) Safe Schools: Husom attended a Safe Schools meeting last week. They discussed strategic planning and demographics. They are considering building a new high school, in which case the middle school would move into the existing high school. They will have a referendum on the project. Husom said they are encouraging students to look at trade schools as well as college.
5) Maple Lake Fishing Derby: There will be a Polar Plunge on Saturday, February 1.
6) Union Negotiations: Husom and Daleiden were involved in union negotiations last Friday. Those talks are moving forward.
7) Wright County Economic Development Partnership: Potter said the WCEDP posted the executive director position. It will probably be April before someone is hired, provided the candidates are qualified.
8) Highway 55: Potter sat in the Highway 55 BRT meeting recently. BRT is a metro bus rapid transit organization. The BRT was not aware of the Highway 55 Coalition.
9) Minnesota Department of Transportation: Potter is meeting with the Minnesota Department of Transportation this afternoon.
10) Transportation Alliance: Potter was in St. Paul yesterday. They went through legislative requests for funding various projects.
11) Enterprise Resource Planning: Daleiden said next week will focus on personnel and payroll.
The meeting adjourned at 10:34 A.M.
Minutes submitted by Deb Schreiner, Administrative Specialist
Warrants Approved On 1/15/2020 For Payment 1/15/2020
AT&T Mobility $5,109.74
Baker Tilly Virchow Krause LLP 33,800.00
Buffalo/City of 7,000.74
Department of Corrections 9,800.00
Independent Emerg. Serv. LLC 28,457.39
Kantola Productions LLC 14,662.50
Mies Outland Inc 26,675.88
MN Department of Health 4,067.50
MN Sheriffs Association 19,024.68
Monticello/City of 3,048.07
Northland Business Systems Inc 19,540.00
Pts of America LLC 2,760.75
Ralston/Matthew 11,936.50
Streichers 4,891.99
28 Payments less than $2000 19,070.65
Final Total: $209,846.39
Published in the Herald Journal Feb. 21, 2020.