Wright County Board Minutes

The Wright County Board met in regular session at 9:00 A.M. with Husom, Vetsch, Daleiden, Wetter, and Kaczmarek present.
Commissioner Husom said the spelling of Terry Weese’s name was wrong. Commission Kaczmarek asked to have an addition put in the Pulled Consent Agenda regarding office heads requesting to reclassify or rename different positions causing large pay increases. Commissioner Vetsch moved to approve the minutes with 2 adjustments. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Vetsch moved to approve the Agenda. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Commissioner Kaczmarek requested to pull Consent Agenda B2, request position replacement for Lead License Bureau Specialist for further discussion.
Vetsch moved to approve the Consent Agenda with the removal of B2. The motion was seconded by Kaczmarek and carried 5-0.
1. Approval of Revision to Social Media Policy 711.10, Section C
2. Approval of 2020Budget Carry Forwards to 2021
1. Ratify the Property Tax System Maintenance and Support Agreement Amendment Between MN Counties Computer Cooperative (MnCCC) and Avenue Providing an extension for support for Property Tax System (PTS) January 1, 2021 through December 31, 2023
3. Acknowledge Warrants issued between January 20, 2021 and January 26, 2021
4. Motion to Approve DisbursingMoney from theCounty Small BusinessRelief Funding Program as Follows:
Disbursing money for small businesses and nonprofits in the amount of $219,337.50 of the $2,733,983.57 received from Account Number 01-099- 484.6814 COVID-Economic Development pending all necessary signatures and audit requirements
1. Request to fill a vacant Assessment Process Specialist Position
1. Authorize signatures on Joint PowersAgreement for SNAPEmployment and Training Services - Fiscal Agent
1. Authorize signatures for Loffler Canon Copier Contract Phase 2
1. Approve schedule for receiving bids for The Highway Projects.
Schedule to receive bids for Thursday, March 4, 2021:
• 11:00 a.m. Contract 2101 - 2021 Pavement Preservation Program
• 11:15 a.m. Contract 2102 - 2021 Seal Coating Program
• 11:30 a.m. Contract 2103 - 2021 PavementMarkings
2. Request position replacement for Lead License Bureau Specialist
Kaczmarek asked County Administrator Lee Kelly to give some background on this position and why they are looking for a replacement. Kelly explained this position is to replace an open position due to the retirement of Becky Aanerud. Kelly said they did two rounds of interviews and offered it to Jessica Gadach who has worked as the Lead License Bureau Specialist in Wright County for many years. They now need to backfill Gadach’s position as Lead License Bureau Specialist.
Vetsch asked Kaczmarek what information he would like to see when there’s a position that needs to be backfilled. There have been standard practices when it comes to a backfill position due to someone retiring or leaving. Kaczmarek said a little explanation for the new board members and constituents would be good to have. Husom said every position used to be sent to the personnel committee, even existing positions, which made for a lot of extra work. It was decided about a year after she was on the board that approved positions wouldn’t have to be sent to the personnel committee and instead would be put on the Consent Agenda. Husom agreed that having more information on the agenda justification would be good for people to see that it’s to backfill a current position. Commissioner Daleiden agreed that having more information would be helpful for everyone involved including the public. Daleiden said if the board receives forms with no additional information as to why the position is being requested, they should reject it and it will need to be resubmitted.
Kaczmarek moved to approve the requested position replacement for a Lead License Bureau Specialist. The motion was seconded by Vetsch and carried 5-0.
Adopt Resolution Revoking a Portion of County State Aid Highway 39 Right of Way
Brian Asleson, Attorney’s Office said the resolution is cleaning up an action that was taken at the January 5, 2021 meeting. This resolution simply calls for rescinding the area to be turned back to the city.
Vetsch moved to adopt resolution revoking a portion of County State Aid Highway 39 Right of Way. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0 on a roll call.
Economic Development Authority (EDA) committee member recommendations
Kelly stated that as of this morning they did not have a name from the Wright County Economic Development Partnership for recommendations for a committee member. Daleiden asked if the meeting is next week. Kelly confirmed it is next Tuesday, February 9, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. Daleiden said he has recommendations for three people; however, he has not had a chance to speak with them. Vetsch asked if they would have to take action at the board meeting to formalize it. Kelly said that is correct. Vetsch said that after action is taken, they would be active members. Vetsch said they would need to move the EDA meeting to February 17, 2021 so they could take action at the February 16, 2021 County Board meeting. Kelly stated when the board adopted the resolution last November it was open, and the Board Chair could appoint at large members to the EDA committee with the approval of the County Board. Vetsch said they should have a motion from the board so that everyone agrees to the parameters. It was concluded that the EDA meeting did not need to be rescheduled and will be held as previously set on February 9, 2021.
Husom asked if people from the public can sit in on the meeting next Tuesday. Vetsch stated it is a public meeting so anyone can be there.
Vetsch moved to set the five County Commissioners, a member of the Buffalo Planning Commission and a board member from the Wright County Economic Development Partnership as members of the Wright County Economic Development Authority (EDA) for 2021. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Approve Resolution Prioritizing Deficient Bridges in Wright County. This resolution aids in applying for State Bridge Bonding Funds and Federal Grant Funds to replace deficient bridges on our highway system
Virgil Hawkins, Highway Department explained that this resolution is updated every couple years. He said it helps to apply for grant money and bonding money. He went on to say there is some money available through the state.
Vetsch moved to approve the resolution prioritizing deficient bridges in Wright County. The motion was seconded by Kaczmarek and carried 5-0 on a roll call.
Approve 2021 Maintenance Agreements for Seven (7) Cities: Elk River, Monticello, Montrose, Waverly, Howard Lake, Maple Lake, and Delano. The Maintenance Agreements with these cities specify the terms of the county reimbursement to each city for maintenance services provided by the cities on our highway system
Hawkins explained that the seven cities do maintenance on the County Highways and then Wright County reimburses them.
Husom moved to approve 2021 Maintenance Agreement for seven cities: Elk River, Monticello, Montrose, Waverly, Howard Lake, Maple Lake, and Delano. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Wetter and carried 5-0.
Approval ofWright County Highway Right of Way Plat No. 73. Right of Way acquisition is required to accommodate this improvement project.Approval of Right of Way Plat No. 73 will allow acquisition of Right ofWay and recording of the easements
Hawkins stated they have already had meetings with landowners, and they need the approval of the Board so they can get offers made and people signed up.
Vetsch asked if the project was moving along without pushback. Hawkins stated it’s going well. Vetsch asked about the cemetery on the top of the hill, Hawkins stated they are avoiding it. Husom said the state statute mentions that Highway is responsible for abandoned cemeteries.
Vetsch moved to approve Wright County Highway Right of Way Plat No. 73. The motion was seconded by Wetter and carried 5-0.
Discuss plan of study regarding Interim Ordinance Number 20-1 (Solar Moratorium)
Sean Riley, Planning & Zoning Administrator said he is looking for some direction or input from the County Board regarding how best to go forward for the study on the solar moratorium. He said as a reference from the last time they did a moratorium there were 20 members and thought that was possibly a little too large a group to work with.
Vetsch said he would like to have a minimum of two Planning & Zoning members and possibly a third. He said he would ask that they appoint their own members to this committee. Vetsch also said they would like at least two if not three township members. Vetsch said he has spoken with Evan Carlson from IPS Solar, who is an expert in the industry along with Rob Schultz with Minnesota Native Landscapes. Vetsch said he spoke with Monticello Township and they appointed Pete Stupar.
Kaczmarek said he would like to appoint Harlan Anderson, Cokato Township resident. He said that Anderson has one solar farm that is finished and one more in the works. The other is John Czanstkowski, Franklin Township. He said Franklin Township has adopted their own ordinance because they have taken a special interest in it. Kaczmarek stated he doesn’t think all these meetings should be public because it could really slow things down and there seems to be interest on all sides to resolve this issue sooner rather than later.
Vetsch said this is more for research and discussion for a proposed amendment to the ordinance. He also asked to have two County Board members be part of this and then volunteered because he has a great deal of background information.
Riley stated he has a Planning Commission meeting this Thursday, February 4, 2021 and will review this with them. He told the board that he has had a few people in the industry reach out to him.
Husom suggested each board member have a person from one of Townships in their district. The board discussed dates and times for meetings. Vetsch suggested setting a date now and then at the February 16, 2021 county board meeting have a finalized list of members which they can approve that day. Daleiden said he thought it should be set for the end of February.
Vetsch moved to set the first meeting on February 24, 2021 from 2:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Approve the publication of bid notice for Collinwood Regional Park Paving Improvements
Marc Mattice, Parks and Recreation, said they are hoping to have the bid notice out for the next two weeks with the bid opening planned for Tuesday, February 23, 2021 at 1:00 p.m. This project is part of the Parks and Recreation Camp Improvement Plan. Mattice said this is the paving portion of the campground expansion.
Vetsch moved to approve the publication of the bid notice for Collinwood Regional Park paving improvements. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Confirm Commissioner District 5 - Parks Commission appointment Mitch Klein, of Cokato MN, effective February 2, 2021. Term ends on December 31, 2024 (Three Year Term)
Mattice said Mitch Klein of Cokato has been appointed to the Parks Commission with a start date of February 2, 2021. The term will end December 31, 2024. Kaczmarek said Klein is a long-time resident of Cokato and takes a lot of interest in the parks.
Kaczmarek moved to confirm Commissioner District 5 – Parks Commission appointment Mitch Klein, of Cokato, MN, effective February 2, 2021. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
Accept donation by Resolution: Laura Vonbusch- $50.00 for maintenance and upkeep of Robert Ney Regional Park
Mattice said he received a letter via mail with a donation from Laura Vonbusch for $50.00, for maintenance and upkeep for Robert Ney Regional Park.
Husom moved to accept donation by resolution: Laura Vonbusch- $50.00 for maintenance and upkeep of Robert Ney Regional Park. The motion was seconded by Vetsch and carried 5-0 on a roll call.
Adopt a Resolution related to a Federal Recreational Trail Grant Application through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for possible trail crossing/improvement in partnership with the Wright County Snowmobile Association
Mattice said that Wright County is the Fiscal Agent for the Wright County Snowmobile Association. He stated that they have in and out grants which come to Parks and Recreation and then go back to the association. Because Wright County is the Fiscal Agent, it would be sponsoring their grant application and they will provide the local cash match for this project. This grant wouldn’t just benefit snowmobilers, it will also benefit trail users outside of the winter season.
Vetsch moved to approve a resolution related to a Federal Recreational Trail Grant application through the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources for possible trail crossing/improvement in partnership with the Wright County Snowmobile Association. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0 on a roll call.
Update onAppraisal and Landowner Negotiations related to 40Acres next to Harry Larson County Forest.
Mattice said in September the Park Commission reviewed a property by Harry Larson County Forest. They requested he come to the board and ask permission to do an appraisal to have negotiations with the landowner. The appraisal was finished in mid-January. He said when they received the appraisal, they presented it to the landowner. The landowner said they were done negotiating. The value of the appraisal was not acceptable to the landowner. Mattice said they will not be pursuing any grants or asking permission to go after any grants for acquisition.
Kaczmarek asked what the appraisal came in at. Mattice said it’s a public document and it came in at $155,000 which did not include the building entitlement.
Discussion on the Notice of Noncompliance for Buffers along the Mavencamp Property onCountyDitch #20
Matt Detjen, AG & Drainage said they get notices from Soil and Water for noncompliance and they act as the enforcement entity. He explained that they will send out corrective action notices to the landowners who are not in compliance. He said if the landowner doesn’t comply then they must work through the process.
Detjen stated Ditch #20 used to be tile but it has since been dug to an open channel. Legally it was established as a tile ditch system. Under the buffer law, if you have an open ditch system you must maintain 16 ••• feet of perennial vegetation on each side; however, you are not required to if it’s a tile system. This ditch system has been open for a long time, it should have a buffer on it and probably should be replaced with tile under the drainage law.
Vetsch asked if they could charge back the cost of putting in the buffer strip to the ditch system. Detjen said when you redetermine the benefits of the buffer, you must compensate them under the drainage law.
Detjen and the board discussed the cost and the improvement process for Ditch 20. Daleiden stated if you look at the pictures of Ditch 20 you can obviously see that the system isn’t working. Detjen stated that’s why he came to the board, to figure out what the County should do long term. Husom stated in her opinion, tile would be better long term because they go with the buffer system, they will have to maintain it. Husom also said by law they have to put it back to the original system. Vetsch said the cost benefit analysis is tipping too far one way for Ditch 20.
Vetsch gave a possible idea of a holding pond to fix the ditch to keep the cost down. Greg Kryzer, Attorney’s Office said he didn’t think a holding pond would be cheaper because the cost of land acquisition would exceed $25,000. Kryzer and the board talked more about what would be best for the County and landowners. Pros and cons were discussed between the board, Detjen and Kryzer. Wetter asked about how the water will affect people downstream. Detjen said there are options, but the landowner must be involved and have buy in. They suggested speaking to the engineer before a decision is made.
Husom moved to get recommendations from Mike Candler, Natural Resources Engineer, Wright County Soil and Water District. The motion was seconded by Vetsch and carried 5-0.
Approval to accept a bid for ditch cleaning and culvert repairs on County Ditch #10
Mark Origer, Civil Engineer, ISG, said in October 2020 they had the ditch repair hearing. At that hearing the board approved repairs to multiple ditches in the county. They also discussed preliminary costs which Origer went through today with the board. He said there were 8 bids that came in for ditch cleaning and field crossing repairs on County Ditch 10. He explained the different bids with the board.
Vetsch said it was interesting to see the different bids that came in. He said he believed Blackstone Concrete LLC was the best bid. Kaczmarek said there are 7 culverts that need to be lowered and/or replaced in Victor Township. He said the best cost looked about $160,000. He said the biggest one they are contesting is the biggest culvert, which is two, 6 to 8-foot diameter ones by Lake Ann/Ingram Avenue that were put in 10 to 12 years ago. He said one must be lowered 3 feet and the other is another is 6 or 12 inches different and the estimate to move it is $35,000. Kaczmarek said the township did their due diligence with the people who did the work 10 to 12 years ago and they are disputing the resident expert now. Kaczmarek said he also believes Blackstone Concrete LLC makes the most sense.
Vetsch moved to accept the bid from Blackstone Contractors LLC with the concrete at $1,050,000 County Ditch #10. The motion was seconded by Kaczmarek and carried 5-0.
Kaczmarek moved to approve the Personnel Committee Minutes from 1-27-21. The motion was seconded by Vetsch and carried 5-0.
I. HHS – Business Manager Position
Health & Human Services Director, Jami Goodrum Schwartz provided the Personnel Committee an overview of her concerns regarding the classification of the HHS Business Manager in the County’s classification plan. Goodrum provided the committee with an overview of similar job descriptions in the County and their current position points and grades. She noted that previous discussions have taken place with County Administrator Lee Kelly and Human Resources Director Schawn Johnson to address her concerns that the job description does not fully capture the general description and educational experience, points and grade of the Health & Human Services (HHS) Business Manager position. Goodrum stated that the HHS Business Manager position is very similar to the Sheriff Office Administrator position. The Sheriff Office Business Manager position was moved and regraded as an Office Administrator in the fall of 2020. Goodrum commented that the HHS management positions were undervalued when it went through the Baker Tilly’s process.
Goodrum highlighted the similarities of the Business Manager position with the Sheriff’s Office Administrator’s job descriptions involving the qualifications, job accountabilities and supervision responsibilities. Goodrum also noted that she felt the other management positions in the HHS Department are being undervalued compared to other similar positions throughout the County. Goodrum noted the Finance Manager and Public Health Director are also similar positions and requested that these positions also be reviewed with Baker Tilly to make sure that they are in alignment with other similar management positions in the County’s compensation and classification plan. Goodrum stated that she met with Kelly and Johnson earlier and recommended that these positions should also be reviewed as well. Goodrum handed out an organizational chart that listed five managers (Social Services Manager (2), Public Health Director, Financial Services Manager, and Business Manager. These five positions oversee 250 employees and commented that each division is equivalent to other County departments.
Commissioner Darek Vetsch asked for clarification of the request if it was for just the Business Manager position or if it was for all of the HHS managers positions to be reviewed? Goodrum responded that there are a few positions that need to be reviewed.
A discussion regarding the differences between the Sheriff ‘s Office and the Health & Human Services Department occurred with the Personnel Committee. Goodrum strongly suggested that this request was fair with the amount of work, service and qualifications, experience and accountability that these positions have that it should at least be considered as the same point value as other similar positions within the County.
Johnson described that Baker Tilly uses nine job factors to determine the point value for each position within the County. Baker Tilly also looks at internal job comparison and external comparable counties that have similar positions to determine the appropriate grade level for each position. The county’s comparable counties were selected by the County Board at the beginning of the compensation and classification study. Johnson added that grades 17-19 of the classification plan is where most of the upper level management positions within the County have been pointed and graded. The positions that are grade 20 and above are Department Head level positions. He also said that is a line that shouldn’t be crossed. He continued to explain that each department has their own organizational structure and noted the difference between the Sheriff’s Office and the HHS Department organizational structure. Johnson stated that it is possible for these positions to be reviewed by Baker Tilly and that the position points could end up being higher or lowered. HHS Business Manager Christine Partlow believes that she and the Sheriff’s Office Administrator both have the same level of responsibility but technically it’s different work. Jami has five individuals that fall in the second in command positions if she is unavailable rather than just one as in the Sheriff’s office.
Goodrum stated that she doesn’t have a concern about any of the HHS management positions going down in point value with what they are compared with.
Johnson stated that the job descriptions are created based on minimal standards for a candidate to qualify for a position. If any of these five people would leave, we would have to require that the selected candidate meets the minimal qualification standards that are identified in each position description.
Goodrum stated that when the job descriptions were created that they had the minimum requirements for someone to qualify for these five positions. At a minimum, these positions should be graded in the 19 or 20 range. She also added that four out of the five people in these positions were internal candidates and feel that it’s a fairness and equity issue. She is asking for three job descriptions to be reviewed by Baker Tilly.
Commissioner Mike Kaczmarek gave a short background on how he became a part of the committee and explained that he was fortunate to be at some meetings that these items had been addressed during the Baker Tilly Report. Kaczmarek commented that he understands that it was first addressed in October. Kaczmarek commented that his understanding is that on one hand that there is a disagreement with Baker Tilly. He also questioned whether we should still be sending our positions to Baker Tilly and paying them to evaluate and score the positions. Also, he is wondering when employees will be happy with the wages being provided by the County and where does it stop. He continued that he feels the taxpayers are wondering what that money is being spent on and why it’s not being adhered to. Looking at this from a constituent’s point of view, they want the business climate in Wright County to match the business climate of the taxpayers of Wright County. These kinds of reclassification and proposed pay increases do not match that. He added that we are helping the community out through the COVID business relief programs but taking it away from them through increased wages.
Goodrum disagreed that they are only asking for this request because another department received it. She continued to explain that she had asked for these positions to be realigned prior to the other department receiving its request.
Vetsch mentioned that no compensation and classification is perfect and suggests that unless an entire department had been dramatically changed these job descriptions should not be reviewed.
Johnson noted that it is impossible to please all employees when conducting a compensation and classification study in the public sector. This was a challenging project and he felt that Baker Tilly did a good job and that employees were given the opportunity to question and appeal their position grading during the implementation phase of the project. Baker Tilly classification system is a proprietary based system. The County utilizes Baker Tilly to review, score, and point new positions and reclassifications to avoid the possibility of having Admin Department staff being accused of being biased or not subjective. By having a third-party review and score changes to the position description this minimizes the County’s potential liability for litigation and helps to ensure that the County is in compliance with the State of Minnesota pay equity requirements.
Goodrum commented that she is extremely proud and honored to that her five managerial staff have been up front and center during this pandemic, keeping service consistent, not losing revenue and as an agency of Wright County should fairly receive the same courtesy of having her managerial positions be at least reviewed.
Commissioner Vetsch requested that Administrator Kelly place an item on an upcoming meeting for the County Board to discuss the possibility of placing a moratorium on reviewing or changing County job descriptions through the Personnel Committee until the pandemic has concluded, all employees have returned to the County buildings on a full-time basis, and the County returns to work as business as usual.
Vetsch, Kaczmarek and Johnson agreed that the request to have the HHS Business Manager and other HHS managerial positions be reevaluated by Baker Tilly be denied at this time.
II. I.T. – Sr. Developer Position
Commissioner Darek Vetsch shared background information for the other committee members explaining that last year when the Information Technology (I.T.) went to the Budgeting Committee, they were going through a restructure and were uncertain at that time of the timeline when they would be moving forward with the role out of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and what was needed to bring this project to fruition. Vetsch explained that $300,000 had been allocated for Professional Services that would be transferred into Personnel for I.T. to meet the personnel positions that will be needed throughout the 2021 budget year.
Mark Kellogg, Information Technology Technical Services Manager mentioned that they are struggling with a staff of only 25 employees and by adding a Sr. Developer position this would help the IT Department alleviate some of its dependency on contractors that they currently have and aid in relief time when someone is out of the office due to Paid Time Off (PTO) or any other reason.
Assistant Human Resource Director Lori Pawelk said that recruitment of IT staff typically takes up to eight weeks due to the Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) background requirement. The amount of time it takes for the BCA to complete at background check varies from month to month.
A discussion occurred regarding which positions in the County require eligibility lists. Positions in the IT Department do not have eligibility lists. The County does a standard recruitment process that is offered to both internal and external candidates.
Commissioner Kaczmarek clarified that there are three positions that were allocated for this year and commented that he would like to see one or both of the remaining positions to be more “the boots on the ground” positions to help to with employees that are in need of IT assistance. Kellogg responded that IT Director Matthew Fomby and himself will need to take a look at what will be required once they have some of the other structures in place.
Respectfully Submitted, Kathleen Brannan-Merritt, Administrative Specialist
(End of 1-27-21 Personnel Committee Minutes)
Vetsch moved to approve the Technology Committee Minutes from 1-27-21. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0.
I. Project Updates
Pat Spaude, IT Manager, updated the Committee on recent IT resource additions. The past month the IT Department hired two new IT Business Analysts. Heidi Staunton is presently working on the RMS project with the Sheriff’s office. Jeremy Kringler was immediately assigned to ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) as the resource need was great. The BA team is now fully staffed.
Andrea Benedict, IT O365 Architect, summarized the SharePoint 2019 upgrade project. The IT Team is hoping to complete the SharePoint migration soon, as staff have been working hard to prep for the migration. Benedict will communicate to County Staff when the migration will happen, involving departments and staff as necessary.
Andrea Benedict also touched on the CAMA project. The Assessor’s Office has been working on data scrubs to ensure a clean transition when the vendor is ready to begin. Tyler, the CAMA vendor, is keeping the County updated on where their spot is in the implementation line. Presently Tyler is working with Benton County on implementing their CAMA system. The Recorders Office has also done prep work in anticipation of the project. Todd Hoffman, Sheriff’s Office Captain asked how Tyler was as a company to work with. Benedict replied that so far it has been a positive partnership.
The Administration Event Scheduler was covered by Rebecca Murphy, IT, in BA (Business Analyst) Kevin Kaszynski’s absence. Kaszynski has been working with departments to gather needs. Work with the Recorder’s office will have Acuity updates seen in early March, slightly delayed because of some staff reorganization. The HHS (Health and Human Services) scheduler has been delayed by the Contact Management Center which is prioritized for the department. However, steps are still being taken with HHS to move the project along.
The Health & Human Services (HHS) Contact Management Center, previously referred to as Call Center, was updated by Murphy in Kevin Kaszynski’s absence. HHS has been putting a lot of effort into this project focusing on builds and scripting, which are being developed in house. Per Jim O’Dell, HHS, the Design Phase is on schedule to meet a March 26th production date. O’Dell stated that Quality Assurance and User Testing are part of the next steps in the project.
The Enterprise Resource Planning Project (ERP) was reviewed by Lee Kelly, County Administrator. Kelly stated that HCM (Human Capital Management) the human resources and payroll portion of ERP, are undergoing a lot of data prep for UAT (User Acceptance Testing). Progress on HCM was slowed by the recent staff restructuring. Daily workshops have been done in the last few weeks for budgeting and general ledger. The Procurement module is far along in progress. Many County Staff members are investing time to ensure that ERP continues to move along.
RECOMMENDATION: Informational Only
II. Solution Architect Updates
Andrea Benedict, IT O365 Architect, presented to the Committee the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement 3-year renewal for the County’s Microsoft environment. The agreement covers the Office 365 productivity suite that is used by all County staff, as well as backend management tools such as SQL Server, Azure, and more. Benedict has been working to ensure that licensing is up to date, she has worked with staff to remove items no longer needed, while retaining necessary items. After careful review the agreement will see an annual cost of $380,516.21. This amount is already budgeted for in the 2021 Board Approved IT Department Budget, no additional funding is being requested. The Committee did not have any questions, with Commissioner Daleiden and Commissioner Vetsch moving to approve the IT Department to proceed with the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement 3-year renewal. County Administrator Lee Kelly, as well as Committee members in attendance also supported the renewal.
Pat Spaude, in ECM Architect ConnieMae Cooper’s absence, presented the ECM (Enterprise Content Management) Roadmap to committee members. The Roadmap identifies projects, initiatives, and plans that Cooper will be working on. It provides a long term / larger perspective to conduct analysis of ECM activities. Cooper identified Short, Mid, and Long-Term activities to bring the County to a more effective and efficient utilization of ECM applications, allowing efficiency and cost saving gains to be realized. Cooper will continue to work with departments to see the Roadmap to fruition.
RECOMMENDATION: The Committee approved the IT Department to proceed with the Microsoft Enterprise Agreement 3-year renewal. The agreement itself will go for final signature at an upcoming Board meeting.
III. New Project Requests
Several new project requests were reviewed by Rebecca Murphy, IT. The first was an IT project of Vendor Internal Access which aims to improve the process of Vendor access to internal County networks. The IT team will work on this project. The second project was SQL Server 2014 Replacement. This will be an IT supported project as well. Mike Janckila, IT Supervisor, noted that it is a large project involving 50 plus applications used by departments across the County. Janckila stated his team will be working with departments throughout the process to ensure a smooth transition.
HHS will be moving forward with a Scanwriter Software project which will provide more efficient data entry. The software will be used initially for investigations with the Sheriff’s Office for Vulnerable Adults. Scanwriter is used by other Counties already, which allows Wright County the ability to have a head start in knowing how to use it. ConnieMae Cooper did analysis to see if there was already a County owned application that could be used for the same purpose. She determined that HHS had a narrower need than what an Enterprise application would provide. As such she advised to move forward with Scanwriter in lieu of another product. O’Dell noted that staff are excited about the potential of Scanwriter, as it also builds a spreadsheet of revenue flows from financial documents. Jami Goodrum Schwartz added that there are potential uses for fraud investigations as well. The information provided by Scanwriter can then be analyzed within the Microsoft Excel application. Benedict noted that she can connect with O’Dell for the Excel addon.
The Parks Spray Logger project was the final project discussed. The Spray Logger software allows monitoring and mapping of invasive species and the herbicide application that follows it. The Parks department will move forward with this project in Quarter 2. They are eager for the tracking and reporting that it will provide.
Committee members were in favor of the projects presented. Ryan Kotila, Auditor Treasure Office, questioned the funding of the projects so the correct financial management can be followed. Jen Rasset, IT, stated that the Vendor Internal Access and the SQL Server 2014 Replacement IT projects will be funded from existing IT funds, no additional dollars are needed. HHS staff confirmed that the Scanwriter Software will come out of existing HHS funds, no additional dollars are needed. Spray Logger will be paid out of the existing Parks and Drainage funds, no additional dollars are needed.
RECOMMENDATION: Informational Only, move ahead with projects.
IV. Project Portfolio Summary
Rebecca Murphy reviewed the Projects Summary with the Committee. 24 projects were closed, with 7 canceled in 2020. Some highlights were movement on the CAMA project, ERP, and completion of the Sheriffs FBI Training Center and the County Justice Center buildings. ConnieMae Cooper and Andrea Benedict are both seeing progress with their respective initiatives, ECM & O365. Spring 2021 will see the potential start of the Website redesign project. The Sheriff and Attorney’s RMS projects were briefly discussed. Commissioner Daleiden questioned if the two products will talk to each other. Hoffman provided that if they choose the same vendor then it will work as one system, if they do not, they will need to interface with each other. Cooper and Staunton are working on the projects and will discuss integrations that are needed.
Discretionary projects are seeing progress with the Parks department Shelter Reservation System being completed with the Campground reservations planning to go live in March. Scheduling applications have a goal of completion by move into the new Government Center. There was discussion of looking into an Enterprise Fleet Management System, with Kelly agreeing that it should be added to the Administration Technology Committee. Tanya West, County Recorder, stated that due to the recent restructuring, the Online Land Division Batch Processing project for Auditor Treasurer should be moved under the Recorders and Assessors Departments, Murphy will complete this. Technical Compliance projects highlighted that the iSeries project was successfully completed.
RECOMMENDATION: Informational Only
V. Project Intake Scoring
Rebecca Murphy stated that with the feedback received, the Project Intake Scoring will move ahead. The major adjustment was the addition of the score on “Number of Impacted Users”, clarified as impacted staff. The Committee had no further questions.
RECOMMENDATION: Informational Only
VI. Quarter 4 2020 Summary
Rebecca Murphy reviewed 2020 Quarter 4 Projects. Four projects were closed this quarter with 2 being added. The projects taking the most amount of time was ERP, the Justice Center, HHS Contact Center, SharePoint Migration, and iSeries. Closed projects included the Sheriff’s Key Management project, the NAS Retirement, and the VetPro Cloud application project. For 2021 Quarter 1, Strategic Projects once again are taking a large percentage of staff time. Commissioner Daleiden asked if the New Government Center was included in this, Murphy responded that yes, it is an Active Strategic Project. The Committee did not have any further questions.
RECOMMENDATION: Informational Only
Respectfully submitted, Jennifer Rasset
(End of 1-27-21 Technology Committee Minutes)
Approve Resolution Delegating the Duties of the Auditor-Treasurer and Finance Director
Kelly stated this is a follow-up to actions that were taken last December. He said it’s clarifying duties between the Auditor-Treasurer and Finance Director and officially moving some duties from one to the other. Kelly said he worked with the County Attorney’s Office to draft this. They are also doing an analysis to see if there are additional items. He said they believe there will be one other resolution they will have to bring forward in the coming months. Kryzer added this is a follow-up formality to finalize duties.
Vetsch moved to approve the resolution delegating the duties of the Auditor-Treasurer and Finance Director. The motion was seconded by Husom and carried 5-0 on roll call.
Topics to discuss for February 9, 2021 Workshop Meeting
A. Tobacco Free Grounds Policy Presentation by SHIP staff
B. Update on Cares Business Relief Program
C. Finance and Budgeting 101 Presentation
D. Moratorium on Job Re-Classifications
E. Legislative Update with Flaherty and Hood
F. DNR Central Region Director, Grant Wilson, introduction and Relevant issues
Kelly stated they moved some topics to March’s meeting because the list for the February 9, 2021 topics is lengthy. He went over the list with the Board.
Daleiden asked if they can talk about the new building status.
Kaczmarek met with the Fair Board and said people having been asking if there will be a fair this summer. He said the current guidelines are a maximum of 250 people at a venue outdoors. If those guidelines continue, they will not be able to have the fair. Kaczmarek said they will have to wait and see. He said they visited 2 ditch sites, 10 and 15. He said they have a hard-working contractor that has been there all weekend removing trees. Safe schools met and the staff informed him they are adapting and have a safe environment for the kids. There are a lot of truancy issues and missing assignments. The County Attorney’s Office has been there taking care of some of the more chronic cases.
Husom attended her first HHS Advisory meeting. They didn’t have enough people for a quorum, so they weren’t able to conduct any business. They were able to get updates and one of the big issues is unmet needs. She said truancy is way up and there are a lot of kids failing. Husom said this often relates to the mental health needs. They discussed integrated services. She attended the safety meeting and they spoke about the four people that had injuries on the job. They have been doing COVID inspections. They are also working on an emergency closing policy. The last thing Husom talked about was Isaac Hamilton, who graduated from The Turn, and has maintained 898 days of sobriety.
Daleiden said the IT Committee met and talked about the CARES Act. He also said he and Vetsch were at the Wright County Economic Development Partnership’s annual meeting. He said former Commissioner Michael Potter was recognized at the Upstanding Citizen for Wright County.
Vetsch thanked Jolene Foss and the Wright County EDP Board, they put on their annual meeting and had a great presenter. They talked about Your Personal Brand. Last Thursday, January 28, 2021 they had the Central Mississippi River Regional Planning Partnership (CMRP) meeting after taking a pause in December and January on the framework 2030 project. They are going start the second round of engagement and hope to be done by mid-April. They are working on a couple of workshops, one that pertains to the second round of engagements and the other is regarding post framework 2030. The Business Relief Group has received numerous applications. Some have been denied because they have been profitable.
Wetter said she didn’t have any committee meetings. She did finish the Board of Appeal Equalization training.
Kelly visited the new Government Center. There have been continuing discussions regarding the Health Partners Clinic. He’s been in communication with Bruce Kimmel regarding the EDA and bylaws. He attended the Safety meeting and said there has been a lot of collaboration between departments and figuring out how to do mass vaccinations. ERP is moving forward. Wright County is looking for the best way to go forward with passport photos.
Kaczmarek asked about putting the Warrants “where it belongs” and then write, “see below”. Kaczmarek said there was one item that caught his attention. He said this was brought up to him last year regarding number 4 page 10. Kaczmarek said there was an expense of $16,000 for plowing county facilities. Kaczmarek asked the rest of the board, with the shed full of snow removal equipment and personnel, if it has been looked at, to have the Parks Department at slow times during the winter perform some of the snow plowing duties.
Kelly said they did an analysis about four years ago regarding what services current staff were doing verses those that would make more sense for us to look at contracting out. The discussion was regarding outlying sites. Sometimes Highway does their own but it’s not always practical or feasible due to the size of the equipment and where they have to get through as well as trying to schedule that during a snowfall event. The priority goes to the roads trying to clear them. Kelly said often they wouldn’t get to it in the time frame we would need them to.
Kaczmarek asked cost wise is there a big difference in manpower and timing. Daleiden said the Parks Department used to take care of this facility but it cost more because of overtime. Daleiden said it should be addressed but until all staff are in the new buildings it might be difficult.
The meeting adjourned at 11:09 a.m.
County Board Minutes submitted by Angie Fisher, Administrative Specialist
Published in the Herald Journal, Feb. 19, 2021.
WARRANTS FOR PUBLICATIONWarrants Approved On 1/21/2021 For Payment 1/21/2021
TW VENDING INC 15,351.19
21 Payments less than 2000 9,265.31
Final Total: 952,580.61
Warrants Approved For Payment 1/21/2021
Final Total: 478,667.36
Warrants Approved For Payment 1/21/2021
Final Total: 90,374.54
Warrants Approved On 1/22/2021 For Payment 1/22/2021
IDERA INC 4,475.00
MARCO 37,975.58
OLYVER LLC 106,000.00
ZIEGLER INC 7,716.84
37 Payments less than 2000 17,490.70
Final Total: 752,656.32
Warrants Approved For Payment 1/25/2021
Final Total: 15,918.25
Warrants Approved For Payment 1/25/2021
Final Total: 66,830.14
Warrants Approved On 1/25/2021 For Payment 1/25/2021
BUFFALO HRA 3,188.90
BUFFALO/CITY OF 109,377.97
COKATO/CITY OF 14,888.79
DELANO/CITY OF 24,335.35
OTSEGO/CITY OF 63,949.55
SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 2687 64,184.31
SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 466 35,262.91
SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 728 127,540.45
SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 876 97,467.74
SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 877 231,604.29
SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 879 48,408.55
SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 881 48,946.32
SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 882 124,124.47
SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 883 90,781.75
SCHOOL DISTRICT NO 885 110,466.21
9 Payments less than 2000 3,360.19
Final Total: 1,838,037.47
Warrants Approved For Payment 1/26/2021
Final Total: 104,632.20
Published in the Herald Journal, Feb. 19, 2021.