Medina Police Report
Delano Herald Journal, Nov. 24, 2017

Nov. 14 - Locked Out/In Reported: Vehicle successfully unlocked without any issues. Addresses Involved: 300 block Clydesdale Trail, Medina.

Nov. 14 - Fraud Report Reported: Maple Grove resident reported that her Master Card debit card had recently been compromised and she believes the card number was taken while using pay at the pump to purchase gasoline at the Holiday Gas Station in Medina or while making a purchase at the Target Store in Medina. An unknown person charged $566.64 worth of airline tickets. Addresses Involved: 600 block Clydesdale Trail, Medina.

Nov. 13 - Trespass Reported: Resident sent an email to city officials requesting assistance with construction traffic near his home. A new home is being constructed next door to his and the workers are consistently on his property with foot traffic and equipment. He said he has contacted the primary builder with his concerns but the issue continues. Police responded to the area and could see a new home being built. A snow fence was also placed along the property line between the two lots. Police saw no traffic, equipment or materials on the concerned resident’s property so it appears the builder has addressed the issue. Addresses Involved: 3100 block Cypress Circle S, Medina.

Nov. 13 - Litter/Dumping Reported: Police received an anonymous complaint regarding a construction debris bag in the driveway of a Medina resident. The caller said the green debris bag is an eye sore and she is tired of looking at it. Police explained to the caller that as long as the homeowner is actively using the bag as part of an ongoing project, they were not in violation of City ordinances. The caller demanded police do something about it. Police responded and observed the green bag in the driveway that contains pieces of wood, old carpet and padding material and a few miscellaneous items commonly associated with home remodeling. The bag is not overflowing with items and all debris is contained within the bag. Police made contact with the homeowner. It is estimated the project would be completed sometime in the next two - four weeks. Because repairs are still ongoing, the nuisance ordinance violation does not apply at this time. Addresses Involved: 200 block Cherry Hill Trail, Medina.

Nov. 13 - Locked Out/In Reported: Police were unable to unlock the doors. The driver said she lives alone and has nobody to assist her so police gave her a ride to her home to get her spare key and returned her to the vehicle. Addresses Involved: 1300 block Baker Park Road, Medina.

Nov. 13 - Suspicious Act Reported: Individual reported he saw a tall male wearing a hoodie sweatshirt walking behind the business; he thought this to be unusual. Police were unable to locate the suspicious male. Addresses Involved: 700 block Tower Drive, Medina.

Nov. 14 - Suspicious Act Reported: Police responded to a report of a suspicious package hanging from a tree. Police removed the bag that contained two books. This is an ongoing issue; officers are familiar with the behavior of the unknown perpetrator. The items were disposed of. Addresses Involved: 1700 block Medina Road, Medina.

Nov 14 - Gas Odor Reported: Upon police arrival, Loretto Fire Department was on scene. The faint odor of gas seemed to come and go. CenterPoint Energy was dispatched, arrived, and said they could not find a gas leak; however, said the odor was coming from the furnace vent and believed there may be a malfunctioning furnace in the residence. Addresses Involved: 4500 block Walnut Street, Medina.

Nov. 14 - Welfare Check - Reported that elderly male was walking down the sidewalk, wearing slippers, but no coat. Police located the male; he stated that he was staying with his daughter and was going to Countryside Cafe for lunch. He said he has shoes but forgot to put them on. Police transported him to the café. Addresses Involved: 4200 block County Road 116, Medina.

Nov. 15 -Fraud Reported: Resident reported their Capital One Visa card was used at a BP Gas Station in Iowa for the amount of $244. Addresses Involved: 1000 block Jubert Trail, Medina.

Nov. 15 - Locked Out/In Reported: Vehicle was unlocked without any issues. Addresses Involved: 1300 block Baker Park Road, Medina.

Nov. 16 - Civil Matter Reported: Ongoing neighbor dispute. Addresses Involved: 2400 block Cates Ranch Drive, Medina.

Nov. 16 - Locked Out/In Reported: Police made several attempts to unlock the vehicle; all attempts were unsuccessful. Addresses Involved: 100 block Westfalen Trail, Medina.

Nov. 17 - Citation Reported: Citation issued for Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Possession of Small Amount of Marijuana. Addresses Involved: Highway 55 and Arrowhead Drive, Medina. Names Involved (Cited) Mckee, Kenneth Nicholas, from Bloomington (Age:26).

Nov. 17 - Suspicious Act Reported: Resident reported she has been receiving strange letters from someone claiming to be a social worker. Police advised this is probably a scam. Addresses Involved: 1100 block Jubert Trail, Medina.

Nov. 17 - Road Conditions Reported: Police received a complaint of large pieces of dirt on Pioneer Trail just south of the railroad tracks. Police responded and located a couple of large pieces of dirt; removed one from the road; the others were in the center of the two lanes and did not pose a threat to motorists. Addresses Involved: 3300 block Pioneer Trail, Medina.

Nov. 18 - Locked Out/In Reported: Police responded to a residential lockout. Entry was made through a back door with no damage caused. Addresses Involved: 2400 block Holy Name Drive, Medina.

Nov. 19 - Police responded and found there to be a working fire in the ceiling of the second floor, near the wood burning fireplace. Loretto, Maple Plain and Long Lake Fire Departments responded and took over the scene. Loretto Fire advised it was most likely an electrical fire. Officers stood by as the fire was put out and until fire departments cleared. Addresses Involved: 4100 block Apache Drive, Medina.

Nov. 19 - Hangup 911 Reported: Open phone line. Dispatch advised there were people talking to each other about Thanksgiving and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. Dispatch hung up with the party in an attempt to call back, left a voicemail. Officers checked the area and were unable to locate any issues. Addresses Involved: Highway 55, Medina.

Vandalism Reported: Nov. 17 - Resident reported that someone threw an object, possibly a paver, at the mailbox. Addresses Involved: 1700 block County Road 24, Medina.

Nov. 19 - Neighbor Trouble Reported: Police were dispatched to neighbor issues. Resident reported that the neighbor kids have been in their yard again and that this was a reoccurring issue. They said the kids have been as close as the walkway to their front door which is about 4 feet from the house and also walked through their backyard. Police made contact with the father of the children and advised him of the complaints. He assured he would talk to his children about it. He later called back and advised he had spoken to his children and the rules to not enter the neighbor’s yard were very clear. Addresses Involved: 4600 block Brockton Lane, Medina.

Nov. 19 - Vandalism Reported: Neighbor found a mailbox lying on the ground, related to a prior vandalism report. Addresses Involved: 1700 block County Road 24, Medina.

Nov. 19 - Citation Reported: Citation issued for Possession of Small Amount of Marijuana and Possession of Drug Paraphernalia. Addresses Involved: Highway 55 and County Road 116 , Medina. Names Involved (Cited) Plattner, Billyjoel Robert, from (Age:36).

Nov. 19 - Theft/Rpt Reported: Stolen credit card used at Medina Target. Addresses Involved: 300 block Clydesdale Trail, Medina.

Nov. 18 - Disturbance/Warrant Arrest Reported: Report of a disturbance at Holy Name Church regarding a male yelling in the parking lot. Male was located and arrested on an outstanding warrant. Addresses Involved: 100 block County Road 24, Medina.