Medina Police Report
Delano Herald Journal, Friday, March 29, 2019

March 11 – Attempted Burglary: Responded to alarm and found it to be an attempted burglary. No suspects. Case closed. Addresses: 4300 block Highway 55.

March 11 – Gas Odor: Responded to struck gas line. Hamel Fire was already on scene. No assistance from police needed. Addresses: 3000 block Wild Flower Trail.

March 11 – DWI: 27-year-old male arrested for 3rd Degree DWI refusal. Addresses: County Road 24 and Willow Drive.

March 11 – Welfare Check: Report of suspicious male sleeping in a vehicle. Driver was asked to move along. Addresses: 100 block Westfalen Trail.

March 13 – Vehicle in Ditch: Report of school bus in the ditch. Stood by while tow truck pulled it out. No injuries. Addresses: 1500 block Hunter Drive.

March 13 – Pickup/Warrant: Registered owner of vehicle arrested for outstanding warrant after arriving at police department to get vehicle released. Addresses: 600 block Clydesdale Trail.

March 14 – Utility Check: Responded to ice blocking the culvert under a driveway, which caused flooding in reporting party’s yard. Public Works notified and cleared issue. Addresses: 500 block Hackamore Road,

March 14 – Parking Complaint: Responded to parking complaint. Vehicles given written warnings due to signs being difficult to read. Addresses: 300 block Lorenz Street.

March 15 – Theft: Reporting party stated son’s backpack was stolen from McDonalds while he worked. No leads. Addresses: 800 block Highway 55.

March 16 – Animal Complaint: Report of dog aggressively barking as reporting party walked by. Stated ongoing issue. Information only. Addresses: 1400 block Blackfoot Trail.

March 16 – Customer Trouble: Responded to two customers causing issues with staff. Parties later trespassed from business. Addresses: 500 block Highway 55.

March 18 – Traffic Pursuit: Officer responded to traffic complaint where vehicle pulled into a business parking lot. While attempting to speak with the driver, driver put the car in reverse and fled the scene. Vehicle later stopped in Elk River. Driver taken into custody. Addresses: Highway 55 and County Road 116.

March 18 – Trespassing: Two subjects released from police department reported as unwanted at business. One party causing issues left and other party was allowed to await a ride. Addresses: 700 block Highway 55

March 18 – Animal Complaint: Responded to report of dog following and jumping on her child playfully biting at child’s jacket sleeve. No injuries. Animal owner advised. Addresses: 1200 block Oakview Road.

March 18 – Suspicious Act: Reported seeing flashlights at a construction site. No further information. Addresses: 2700 block Deer Hill Road.

March 19 – Welfare Check: Reporting wished to have someone check her mother’s house. Discovered phone was off the hook. Addresses: 1900 block Iroquois Drive.

March 20 – Suspicious Act: Complainant reported someone sleeping in a vehicle in their parking lot. Subject was homeless, and was asked to move to a different parking lot to sleep. Addresses: 400 block Highway 55.

March 20 – Cancelled IPS: 53-year-old male stopped for speeding and found to be cancelled IPS. Driver was arrested and released pending charging. Addresses: Highway 55 and Tamarack Drive.

March 21 – Suspicious Act: Two males reported walking the neighborhood. Found to be soliciting without a permit. Advised if caught again they would be arrested. Addresses: 400 block Ridge View Circle.

March 22 – Suspicious Act: Reporting party stating she saw a white box-type van with Arizona plates sitting in different parking lots throughout the day. Van had dark tinted windows and driver never left the vehicle. Vehicle was not located. Addresses: 300 block of Clydesdale Trail.

March 22 – Vehicle in Ditch: Received a radio call of a vehicle stuck in the ditch and a female stumbling around. No one would answer the door at location. Found a male in a pole barn and informed him the vehicle must be off the road or it would be towed. Not able to make contact with the female. Addresses: 4000 block Apache Drive.

March 23 – Loud Music: Report of loud music coming from a residence. Unable to locate anyone at home. Reported to dayshift to try to contact reporting party. Addresses: 2600 block Bobolink Road.

March 23 – Suspicious Act: Checked on a male sleeping in a vehicle at a closed business. Subject stated he ran out of gas, had no money, and was waiting for parents to call back. Officer returned after business was open and offered to buy subject a hot beverage to warm up. A good Samaritan offered subject gas money. Cleared event. Addresses: 1300 block County Road 29.

March 23 – Welfare Check: Report of loud music for several days coming from a residence. House was secure and no one seem to be home. Contacted homeowner who advised the house was rented out and he would send someone out to turn off music. Renter was arrested in another city and still in custody. Addresses: 2600 block Bobolink Road.

March 23 – Customer Trouble: Report of a customer paying for a car wash but then there were issues with the car wash. Situation was mediated, store employee refunded customer’s money. Addresses: 200 block Highway 55.

March 24 – DWI: 25-year-old female arrested for 3rd degree DWI after being stopped for a traffic complaint.