Medina Police Report
Delano Herald Journal, Friday, Dec. 21, 2018

Nov. 26 - Theft reported from business. Address: 800 block Tower Drive.

Nov. 28 – Shoplifter/Theft: Officer dispatched to juvenile in custody for shoplifting. Property was recovered. Juvenile was trespassed from business. Address: 300 block Clydesdale Trail.

Nov. 29 – Fire: Officer responded to call of black smoke. Homeowner was burning old railroad ties without a permit. Fire department arrived on scene and determined fire not a hazard. Fire was put out with snow. Homeowner was issued a warning. Address: 2800 block Willow Drive.

Nov. 29 – Scam: Caller reported someone trying to scam her by requesting she cash the check sent, purchase three $100 gift cards and FedEx them to an address. Officer advised her to destroy check and not respond. Address: 2000 block Chippewa Road.

Nov. 30 – Litter/Dumping: Complainant was upset about someone littering the roadway and his yard. Address: 2000 block Hamel Road.

Dec. 2 – Trespassing: Officer received radio call on a trespassing complaint. Reporting party stated home was currently under construction, and that three ‘no trespassing’ signs were moved from their location on his property. Requested extra patrol. Addresses: 4600 block Spruce Way.

Dec. 3 – Suspicious Act: Officer responded to a suspicious SUV in parking lot of business. This SUV was coming almost every day and driving around the loop and parking. Address: 400 block Evergreen Road.

Dec. 3 – Damaged Property: Property manager reported vandalism at the property. Property manager stated previous renter was evicted, and prior to vacating premises removed fluorescent lights, baseboard trim, toilets, a large water heater, messed with gas lines and the garage door sensors. Walls were also damaged. Address: 600 block Hamel Road.

Dec. 3 – Suspicious Act: Homeowner reported a suspicious package that was sent through USPS. Inside was a plastic bag containing a white powdery substance. Further investigating determined it was sent from a now defunct location. Contents will be forwarded to the drug task force for testing. Address: 100 block Sunrise Court.

Dec. 4 – Disturbance: While performing extra patrol from a previous incident, suspect vehicle was found in parking lot. Officer learned that this person was playing a game on her phone collecting points. Officer informed driver management did not want her on the property any longer. Driver left without incident. Address: 400 block Evergreen Road.

Dec. 4 – Theft: Officer dispatched to take a theft report in regard to her juvenile son’s bank account. Addresses: 400 block Ridge View Circle.

Dec. 4 – Damaged Property: Officer contacted victim who stated two tires on her car were slashed and her car was keyed. Victim was advised to get an estimate of what the damages were. Address: 300 block Clydesdale Trail.

Dec. 5 – Suspicious Act: Officer received radio call of a suspicious thump heard on the back side of a house. Upon arrival, officer examined the exterior of house and found no issues. Address: 3000 block Cypress Circle South.

Dec. 6 – Suspicious Act: Resident reported a suspicious white male taking photographs of the front and south side of his house. Male was driving a dark navy blue Chrysler van. Officer checked the area, unable to locate the van. Address: 800 block Fox Path Court.

Dec. 7 – Found Property: A metal scoop shovel was located along County Road 24. Shovel placed into the property room for safekeeping. Address: 1600 County Road 24.

Dec. 8 – Harassment: Officer spoke with an employee who reported he was nervous. Employee had been selling marijuana to suspect and told suspect he could no longer sell to him. Employee was concerned suspect might harm him. Addresses: 300 Clydesdale Trail.

Dec. 9 – Arrest: Officer conducted a traffic stop on a vehicle with a loud muffler. Driver found to have revoked license and no alcohol restriction on his driver’s license. Driver submitted to breath test. Driver was subsequently arrested for violation. Address: County Road 19 and Highway 55.