Medina Police Report
Delano Herald Journal, Friday, Nov. 16, 2018

Sept. 17 - Scam Report: Resident received a suspicious letter in August, and recognized it as a scam. Police reviewed the letter and recognized it as a common blackmail scam, phishing for Bitcoin to remain silent. Addresses Involved: 300 block Calamus Circle, Med

Sept. 17 - Animal Complaint Reported: Reported that a llama was outside of fence. Police arrived; the llama was not located. Addresses Involved: 1300 block .

Sept. 17 - Arcing Report: Report of an arcing wire. There were no visible flames. Maple Plain Fire was on scene. Addresses Involved: County Road 19 and County Road 24.

Sept. 17 - Theft/Rpt - Assist Reported: Resident reported he purchased gold bars for $2,500, and found out they were not real gold. Since the incident occurred in Minnetonka, the reporting party was advised to contact Minnetonka Police to file a full report. Addresses Involved: 2300 block Tamarack Drive, Medin

Sept. 17 - Assist - Employee Theft Reported: Employee theft of lottery tickets/fraud. Employee was arrested the following morning; released pending complaint. Addresses Involved: 700 block Highway 55, Medina.

Sept. 17 - Welfare Check/Fall Reported: Secondhand information received about an individual who had fallen at a construction site. Police and Fire arrived and the victim was airlifted to the hospital. Addresses Involved: 700 block Woodland Hill Court, Medina.

Sept. 18 - Condition/Debris Reported: Several pieces of broken lumber were discovered on the highway. Debris was picked up and moved to the median area to clear traffic lanes. Addresses Involved: Highway 55 and County Road 116, Medina.

Sept. 19 - Suspicious Act Reported: Report of a suspicious vehicle. Reporting individual thought this was the paper deliverer but still wanted it checked. Vehicle was gone upon police arrival. Addresses Involved: 1400 block Blackfoot Trail, Medina.

Sept. 19 - Theft/Rpt Reported: Chainsaw and an aluminum tripod for a laser leveler reported taken. Addresses Involved: 2700 block Deer Hill Road, Medina.

Sept. 19 - Stop Arm Violation - School Bus Report: Report of a stop arm violation. Police spoke with the driver who said the stop arm was coming out as she was already in the process of passing the bus. Addresses Involved: 2000 block Medina Road, Medina.

Sept. 19 - Car/Stalled Reported: Report of a vehicle parked on the road for the last two days. Police located the unoccupied vehicle; vehicle was legally parked. Addresses Involved: Chippewa Road and Willow Drive, Medina.

Sept. 19 - Car/Stalled Reported: Police assisted the owner in calling for a tow for the vehicle. Addresses Involved: 400 block Clydesdale Trail, Medina.

Sept. 20 - Thft Frm Auto Reported: Approximately $10-$15 dollars in cash reported taken. Addresses Involved: 4100 block Prairie View Trail, Medina.

Sept. 20 - Suspicious Act Reported: Individual reported that while waiting for kids on the bus, a Toyota Prius pulled up to her honking. She waved the car by and it went down the private drive and came back and parked next to her. Individual said a male with dark hair was holding a badge. She rolled down her window and the male told her that she shouldn’t be parked there blocking traffic. Extra patrol requested. Addresses Involved: 4200 block Arrowhead Drive, Medina.

Sept. 20 - Parking Complaint Reported: Employee gave permission to an individual to park a trailer in the back lot of the Medina Entertainment Center while he stayed at the Medina Inn. This individual has since left; however, the trailer has been there since June and they were requesting the trailer be moved. Addresses Involved: 500 block Highway 55, Medina.

Sept. 20 - Locked Out/In Reported: Due to a power outage, four FedEx trucks were locked inside a gated parking lot. Police assisted to gain access to the gate lock box. Addresses Involved: 3800 block County Road 116, Medina.

Sept. 20 - Landlord/Tenant Reported: Police received a call for a landlord / tenant issue. Police advised individual to contact civil court in order to get the money back for having a locksmith change the locks instead of his landlord. Addresses Involved: 100 Hillview Lane, Loretto.

Sept. 20 - Locked Out/In Reported: Due to a power outage, resident was requesting police assistance to gain entry into the home. While police were en route, the power came back on, and the homeowner was able to gain entry. Addresses Involved: 700 block Fairway Drive, Medina.

Sept. 20 - Assist/Police Reported: Individuals were housesitting and heard an unknown alarm coming from the garage. Police checked the garage and learned that the alarm might be coming from the septic tank. Addresses Involved: 400 block Pheasant Ridge Road, Medina.

Sept. 21 - Suspicious Act Reported: While on patrol, police observed a vehicle parked and blocking the east driveway of a church. The driver’s door was standing open, and police saw a male standing in front of the car. Individual said he could not sleep so he decided to find a place to play basketball. Police told the individual that due to the time of night and with houses nearby it was not a good time to shoot hoops, and told him he needed to leave. Addresses Involved: 100 block Railway Street E, Loretto.

Sept. 21 - Car/Stalled Reported: While on patrol, police observed an unoccupied stalled truck blocking the right turn lane. Police located a phone number for the registered owner who said the truck does not currently run. Addresses Involved: Highway 55 and Willow Drive, Medina.

Sept. 21 - Animal Complaint Reported: Police located a dead coyote in the middle of the highway. The coyote was removed from the roadway and MnDOT was requested for pickup. Addresses Involved: Highway 55 and Wichita Trail, Medina.

Sept. 21 - Parking Complaint Reported: Trailer was parked on the road creating possible visibility issues for the intersection. Police contacted the registered owner, and requested the trailer be moved. Addresses Involved: Birch Avenue and Walnut Street, Medina.

Sept. 21 - Narcotics - 5th Degree Reported: Driver arrested, booked and released. Charges pending. Addresses Involved: Mohawk Drive and Highway 55, Medina.

Sept. 21 - Suspicious Act Reported: Police received a call for persons on the property loading items into a truck. Police responded and found four trucks at the gate. Two individuals were parked across the driveway blocking an individual from leaving. Individual said he had responded to an online posting for snowmobiles and tires for sale. There was a dispute over a snowmobile that was sold but permission had not been given. Addresses Involved: 4100 block Apache Drive, Medina.

Sept. 21 - Suspicious Act - Scam Attempt Reported: Resident received a suspicious blackmail letter. The letter said the sender knew his “secret” and would keep it confidential from his wife if $8,600 in Bitcoin is paid. Police told the resident this is a common scam. Addresses Involved: 4400 block Bluebell Trail S, Medina.

Sept. 21 - Loud Music Reported: Police responded, but couldn’t hear any music; however, did find an unattended recreational fire burning. Verbal warning was issued regarding the unattended recreational fire. Addresses Involved: 100 block Hamel Road, Medina.

Sept. 22 - Car Theft/Rpt - Assist Reported: Individual called to report his vehicle was missing. Discovered the next day that the vehicle had been driven by a friend to a different location. Addresses Involved: 00 block Hamel Road, Medina.

Sept. 22 - Car/Stalled Reported: Owner had a tow en route. Addresses Involved: Elsen Street and Medina Street S, Loretto.

Sept. 22 - Shots Heard Reported: Two individuals had hunting permits, but did not have written permission forms signed by the homeowner. They were issued written warnings. DNR officer arrived on scene and cited the individuals for various offenses. Addresses Involved: 4200 block Arrowhead Drive, Medina.

Sept. 23 - Domestic Reported: Verbal altercation, individuals insisted police were not needed. Addresses Involved: 2200 block Tamarack Drive, Medina.

Sept. 23 - Shots Heard - Hunting Incident Reported: Police received a call for shots heard and a male was seen yelling for a dog. Resident was advised that hunting was allowed for geese. She was unaware of this. Addresses Involved: 300 block Sunnyridge Lane, Loretto.

Sept. 23 - Lost Dog Reported: While on patrol police came across an individual who said he was looking for his dog; the dog took off while he was hunting. Addresses Involved: 3900 block Chippewa Road, Medina.

Sept. 23 - Condition/Debris Reported: Police responded to a report of road debris regarding two coolers on the road. Police did not locate any coolers in the roadway but found some cold bottles of water and soda cans. Police removed these items from the roadway and disposed of them. Addresses Involved: Highway 55 and Sioux Drive, Medina.

Sept. 23 - Fire Out Report Reported: Resident advised they are working on a remodel with a contractor and an upstairs bathroom was leaking and started a fire in a light switch in a main floor closet. Addresses Involved: 1500 block Hunter Drive, Medina.

Sept. 23 - Condition/Debris Reported: Police received a call for large log on the road. Police checked the area but was unable to locate anything. Addresses Involved: County Road 101 and Highway 55, Medina.

Sept. 23 - Unwanted Person Reported: Reported that an individual had been sleeping in a booth for the last hour. The subject did order food, but he was now sleeping again. Police spoke with the individual, who said he was tired and had a long day. He said he would finish his food and then leave. Addresses Involved: 800 block Highway 55, Medina.

Sept. 23 - Assist/Police Reported: Resident reported a suspicious vehicle that drove down her the driveway and turned around. Since they were not expecting anyone and thought this was suspicious. Request for extra patrol. Addresses Involved 1200 block Phillips Drive, Medina.