West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Nov. 24, 2017

Nov. 8 - Theft by Swindle - 5000 Highway 12, Maple Plain. Reported a customer did not disclose information on a vehicle’s title and swindled the business. Case under investigation.

Nov. 8 - Truck vs. Deer - CR 92 / Hwy 12, Independence. Deer was struck by a semi-truck causing heavy front end damage. The deer was DOA.

Nov. 8 - Medical - 5050 Independence St, Maple Plain. Reported a female was unconscious. MP Fire assisted with the victim; it was unknown what the cause was. North Memorial Ambulance assisted, the female was conscious and it was determined she did not need to go to the hospital by ambulance.

Nov. 8 - Stalled Car - Baker Park Rd / Hwy 12, Maple Plain. Driver reported his vehicle is stalled and he is unable to get his vehicle into neutral. A tow was ordered.

Nov. 8 - Stalled Car 6000 Hwy 12, Maple Plain. Motorist had a flat tire and was having trouble figuring out where the spare was. Police assisted in locating it underneath the vehicle, in the center, held up by a cable and helped change the tire.

Nov. 9 - Identity Theft - 4000 Windmill Drive, Independence. Resident reported received a letter from IRS stating they believe someone used her social security number to gain employment. Since receiving this information the resident placed alerts with her Credit Card Company and credit bureaus.

Nov. 9 - Car Stall - Halgren Rd / Main Street, Maple Plain. Driver reported he was parked in a no parking zone with a broken transmission on his vehicle and the vehicle would not move forward. Tow truck was on its way but it was going to take an hour for it to arrive.

Nov. 9 - Theft - 4900 Hwy 12, Maple Plain. Reported a bottle of Vodka was stolen from the store. Suspect had left the store before Police arrival. The case is under investigation.

Nov. 10 - Mailbox Damage - 2000 Nelson Rd, Independence. Mailbox was dented in the front of the door and box. Same type of damage found on second mailbox on Nelson Rd. Third mailbox, the door was ripped off and a crack on the side. Cases under investigation.

Nov. 10 - Traffic Complaint - 5000 Main Street, Maple Plain. Reported a trailer being pulled down the road had its back doors open. The call was delayed to the Police and the vehicle was not located.

Nov. 12 2:36 a.m. - 18 Golf Walk, Independence. Reported renters were sleeping when the fire / smoke alarms went off. Smoke was coming from the fireplace and it was determined the flue was blocked, creating the smoke.

Nov. 12 - Choking - 2400 CR 90, Independence. Reported a male was able to breath but had something lodged in his throat. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Nov. 13 - Truancy - 2000 S Lake Shore Dr., Independence. Homeowner reported juveniles at her house and she did not want them there, they were violating truancy. Three juveniles were told to leave the residence and did. The school was advised of their truancy.

Nov. 13 - Animal Complaint - Caller reported her ex-son-in-law leaves his dog tied outside all day long without food, water or shelter and she wants to speak with an animal friendly Officer who will meet her at the property. Caller was going to call the ASPCA to see what can be done. The caller became upset when told the Officers can only do what the state laws allow, she would not listen to the PD’s Administrative Assistant, stated she was dumb and hung up on her.

Nov. 13 - Suspicious Item - 1500 Howard Ave. Maple Plain. Caller reported he found a watch on eBay that was stolen from his apartment. The case is under investigation.

Nov. 13 - Criminal Damage to Property - Pioneer Creek Community Park, Independence. A kiosk created as part of an Eagle Scout project was damaged. Plexiglas was damaged, and a receipt was found with a swastika written / burned into it. The business is checking for video of the transaction of the receipt. Case under investigation.

Nov. 13 - Trespassing - 100 CR 110, Independence. Reported someone walking through their property with a long gun, wearing all black clothing, possibly rode a bicycle to the property. The male was located, would not listen to the Officer and took off running. He was located again riding a bicycle through the corn field. He was illegally hunting pheasants without a license and permission from the homeowner. Evan Meline 60, Minnetrista was arrested, transported to jail and booked for fleeing an Officer on foot, obstructing, hunting without a license and trespassing.

Nov. 14 - Medical - 1500 Howard Ave., Maple Plain. Male suffering from neck pain was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Nov. 14 - Crash - Three car vehicle crash Hwy 12 / County Line Rd, Independence. The driver stated he was trying to slide an item back on the passenger side of his vehicle and didn’t see the vehicle in front of him. He struck vehicle #2 so hard, it propelled the 2nd vehicle into the 3rd vehicle. The driver was issued a citation for Fail to Drive with Due Care.

Nov. 15 - Crash - CR 6/CR 92, Independence. A vehicle was stopped on CR 92 for a school bus stop arm and children getting off the bus when it was rear-ended by a second vehicle. Neither driver was injured. Driver said he didn’t see the stopped school bus or the vehicle in front of him in time to stop. He was cited for fail to drive with due care.

Nov. 16 - Hunting Complaint - Hwy 12/CR 92, Independence. A call was received of a person with an assault rifle who didn’t appear to be hunting. The person was found had a .22 rifle and said he was hunting squirrels. He was warned on trespassing.

Nov. 16 - Crash - Hwy 12/ Baker Park Road, Maple Plain. A semi tractor rolled into the trailer of a semi tractor/trailer in front it. No injuries and damage was estimated to be less than $50.

Nov. 16 - Crash - Hwy 12/Main Street, Maple Plain. A commercial vehicle on Main Street pulled out onto Hwy 12, striking an eastbound vehicle. No injuries reported. The commercial vehicle driver was verbal warned for DOT violations, no DL in possession and no medical card in possession. He was also cited for fail to yield at an intersection and driving with a suspended license.

Nov. 16 - Fall - 200 block CR 92, Independence. An officer responded to a call of a 71 year old male who’d fallen, hit his head and was bleeding. The male did not remember falling and was oriented to time and place. Maple Plain Fire arrived and took over care of the male and the officer cleared once an ambulance arrived.