West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Friday, May 11, 2018

April 23 - Phone Scam -6000 Hillstrom Rd, Independence. Resident received a phone call and the caller stated you have 24 hours before you will be taken into custody. You have 4 allegations against you, call back right away to discuss this case. Resident knew it was a scam and did not return the call. Resident said she was going to contact her children who live another state and let them know of this scam so they don’t fall for it.

April 23 - Phone Scam - 2000 Nelson Road, Independence. Resident reported two separate phone scams. Both he and his wife received scam calls on their cell phones, just minutes apart. Neither answered the calls and it went to voice message. A pre-recorded woman stating there were 4 serious charges pending against his name and he needed to get a hold of him right away. His wife’s message caller said he was from Home Depot and there was a problem with her order, her PayPal info was incorrect and he wanted her new PayPal info so the order could be shipped. The call was not returned, it was recognized as a scam call.

April 23 - Welfare Check - 6000 Pagenkopf Rd, Independence. Resident was worried about his elderly neighbor who he has not seen in a couple weeks and the driveway was not plowed. Neighbor was located and all was good.

April 23 - 2nd Degree DWI / Forfeiture - 5000 Bryantwood Dr, Maple Plain. Caller reported following a driver of a hit and run crash. Driver pulled into an apartment complex, vehicle sitting crossways in front of multiple garage doors. Male driver got out of the vehicle, was unsteady on his feet, smelled of alcohol and asked if he had hit someone. Kevin Ray Pemberton, 62 from Maple Plain admitted to drinking one beer. The last one he had was in his vehicle and on the vehicle center console was an open beer can. Pemberton submitted a breath test which resulted in .24 Breath Alcohol Concentration. Pemberton was arrested for 2nd Degree DWI, Open Bottle, Driving Restriction Violation and transported to Henn Co Jail. Vehicle pending forfeiture.

April 24 - Fraud - 1000 Wyman Ave, Maple Plain. Resident reported his father was deceased and someone was getting prescription drugs filled in his father’s name and filing insurance claims for them. The case is under investigation.

April 24 - Burglary in Progress - 9000 CR 11, Independence. Caller reported a male at a garage service door was trying to pick the lock. Police found a contractor for Wright Hennepin Electric in his service truck; He stated he had left a door-hanger for the homeowner on the door with information on utility service that would be conducted in the area. The story was confirmed and advised the caller of the findings.

April 24 - Suspicious Act - 1000 CR 19, Maple Plain. Male calling from Florida reported he was on the internet for a business located in Maple Plain. He called their 877 phone number and a female with a heavy India accent answered the call. She was hard to understand and stated they are having problems with their phones and asked for his credit card to give him a $100.00 Wal-Mart gift card for a $4.00 shipping fee. He did not give his information and was concerned someone had accessed the business phone line and asked if there was a business at that address. Police checked the address and there were trucks in the parking lot, confirmed the business was at the address.

April 24 - Welfare Check - 100 Game Farm Rd, Independence. Caller stated she received an e-mail that her daughter fell off a horse, she could not reach anyone on site and she was enroute. While enroute Police were canceled, the caller called back and advised dispatch to cancel Police.

April 24 - Vehicle Stall - Hwy 12/ Pioneer, Maple Plain. Police observed a vehicle with its hazards on. The driver was offered a ride and was transported to his girlfriend’s house in Delano.

April 25 - Civil Matter - A small fork lift was stuck in the ditch on Lake Sarah Drive S, Independence. Independence Public Works requested WHPS to gather information from the driver to recoup damages done by the fork lift. Contact with the driver who admitted to getting stuck in the ditch was advised this is a civil issue between the city and himself. Damage appeared to be under $150.

April 25 - Drone Complaint - 7000 Turner Rd, Independence. Police dispatched by radio to the area of the Polo Club Fields on Turner Rd for a drone complaint. Four individuals were standing on the shoulder of the road; all were wearing yellow vests and hard hats. A large drone was on the side of the road and the area coned off. The four individuals stated they are engineers who work for Honeywell and were hired by Xcel Energy to inspect the power lines on Turner Rd with their drone. All were wearing Honeywell identification badges.

April 25 - BB Gun Complaint - Reported neighbor kids are shooting BB guns at pop cans and the BB’s are ricocheting off of the cans and hitting his garage. He did not believe there is any damage but is fearful his dog or he may get hit with a BB. Contact with the juvenile who lives on 5000 Main Street, Maple Plain, was advised Maple Plain ordinance section 130.15(1) it prohibits the use of a gun used to project items in the manner of spring, air or carbon dioxide. BB guns are not allowed to shoot inside MP City limits.

April 25 - ATV Complaint - Reported two ATVs and a UTV just drove on to the Luce Line Trail heading eastbound from Co Rd 110 Independence. Police located three off-road vehicles in the north field of Drake and Co Rd 90. Contact with Driver #1 who stated his dad and uncle own the property they are riding on, and then admitted they were on the Luce Line Trail for a short duration because they could not get to their property because of the flooding. He understood he is not supposed to be on the Luce Line. While speaking with Driver #2, a strong smell of alcohol was coming from him and an open beer container was in the cup holder of the UTV. Driver #2 submitted a preliminary breath test which resulted in .061 Breath Alcohol Concentration. ATV regulations were explained to all drivers and verbally warned for their violations.

April 26 12:14 a.m. - Lock Out - 5000 Hwy 12, Maple Plain. Juvenile waved the police down for help to unlock his friends’ vehicle. The vehicle was unlocked and the 17 year old juvenile male from Mound was staying with his friend for the night because it was past curfew.

April 26 - Over Weight Truck -Copeland Rd / CR 6, Independence. A three- axle box truck with a full-sized tractor and a large fork lift attached to the back end were driven on a posted four-ton axle road limit. Contact with the driver who was making deliveries. The vehicle was weighed and overweight by 19,489 pounds. The business was issued a civil penalty fine for the truck being over the seasonal road weight violation.

April 16 - Welfare Check - 5000 Bryantwood Drive, Maple Plain. Requested a welfare check on a male who had not shown up for work since Tuesday. Contact with the male who was ok and per his doctor’s orders wasn’t to report back to work until 17th. He had called his work but they must not have received the message. Everyone is ok.

April 26 - Medical - 1500 Howard Ave. Maple Plain. Female was having a hard time breathing and Maple Plain Fire was rendering care to her. North Memorial Ambulance arrived and transported her to the hospital.

April 26 - Vehicle Stall - Eagle Ridge Rd/ Town Line, Independence. Driver pulled to the side to make a phone call and got sucked into the muddy and wet shoulder and got stuck. He had a tow truck on the way and Police assisted with traffic control until the vehicle was removed.

April 26 - Threat - 1000 Wyman Ave, Maple Plain. Daughter of a resident was visiting her father and became angry because her dad had been prescribed the wrong prescriptions. The prescriptions were correct and approved by her brother. She stated she was going to kill her brother but had no intentions of actually hurting him, but was frustrated with him and her sister. It was determined she would not be violent towards anyone and was having a bad day.

April 26 - 1500 Rainbow Ave, Maple Plain. Vehicle parked in Rainbow Park parking lot. Contact with driver Abigail Irene Mobley, 38 from Maple Plain Police could smell the odor of alcohol coming from the vehicle. Mobley provided a breath sample which resulted in .14 Breath Alcohol Concentration. A bottle of wine was found under the driver’s seat. Mobley was arrested for 3rd Degree DWI and released to her husband.

April 27 - Road Limits - Budd Av. / Independence Street, Maple Plain. Driver stopped for an equipment violation on his truck. The driver was going to drop off an empty dumpster at a residence on Providence and pick up a full one. The truck was weighed and decided to leave the empty dumpster and not pick up the full dumpster as Providence had road weight limit on it.

April 27 - Slumper - 4000 Hwy 12, Maple Plain. Routine patrol found a vehicle parked behind a closed business. Contact with the driver, 28 year old male driver from Elk River, was recognized as an employee of the business, said he was tired and parked behind the business to take a nap. He was going to leave soon.

April 28 - Open Door - 3000 County Line Rd, Independence. Police dispatched for an open door at a church and found the front door to be wide open and the interior door unlocked. The building was checked and found everything to be ok and nobody inside. No issues were found and Police secured the front door.

April 28 - Welfare Check - 700 Kuntz Dr. Independence. Reported a saddled horse with no rider was running down the road and the caller was worried the rider was bucked off and may be hurt. Contact with the rider who advised the horse was spooked by two bedded down deer. The horse and rider were ok.

April 28 - Misc. Assist - 5000 CR 11, Independence. Reported spring cleaning around the church grounds found a large amount of glass alcohol bottles near a snow bank on the east side of the church lot. It was apparent people are consuming alcohol on church grounds and requested an Officer to conduct extra patrol. Caller cleaned the grounds up.

April 28 - Utility Check/ Water Main Break -Budd Ave / Main Street Maple Plain. Resident reported water bubbling up from the roadway just south of the intersection. City of Maple Plain Public Works supervisor was contacted by phone and advised of the issue. PW responded and stated it was a water main break and he would be contacting crews to get started on repairs.

April 28 - Missing Person – Unfounded - 5000 Hwy 12, Maple Plain. Caller reported her boyfriend was possibly missing as he was not at his motel room when she stopped by to drop off food. She did not have any reason to believe that he was in danger or it was suspicious other than she was worried about him. Approximately 1 hour later she called dispatch stating that he was back at the motel. All was fine.

April 28 - Welfare check - Budd Ave. / Hwy 12, Maple Plain. Reported a female walking along HWY 12 near the road was wearing dark clothes and a mini skirt. Caller requested a welfare check. The area was searched and unable to locate anyone walking along the Hwy.

April 29 1:33 - Police working special detail, Towards Zero Death Enforcement at Highway 12 near Central Ave, Wayzata; Radar lock of the vehicle traveling 90 – 91 mph as it passed by the Squad. Driver Andrew David Parker, 56 of Minnetonka submitted a breath sample which resulted in .10 Breath Alcohol Concentration. Parker was arrested for 4th Degree DWI and Careless Driving and released to a sober person.

April 29 - Damage to Property / Burglary -6000 Highway 12, Independence. Reported Mini Storage had padlocks cut off of 20 units and were burglarized. Rental owners were notified of the burglary and are reporting multiple items stolen, tools, and personal property. Stolen items are entered in a NCIC – National Crime Information Center. Cases are under investigation.

April 29 - Safety Check - 5000 Main Street, Maple Plain. Reported a juvenile was pointing what appeared to be a BB gun at passing cars and around their house. Police responded to the residence and spoke with the homeowner and his son. His son was playing with a toy gun not a BB gun and showed a plastic generic brown toy gun with a bright orange tip on it. They were advised to not point it at passing cars, if that was the case, and continue to play with it if they want.

April 29 - Medical - 5000 Joyce Street, Maple Plain. Reported unconscious male. Maple Plain Fire assisted with the male who had low blood sugar and was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

April 29 - Suspicious Person / Act - 3000 CR 92, Independence. Homeowner reported a suspicious male at his residence inquiring about the property across the street. The male had walked across the street. Arrival on scene Police were unable to see anyone and yelled “POLICE COME OUT”. After the 3rd time yelled, a man emerged from one of the out buildings. 76 year old male from St. Paul stated he was looking to rent the place. When asked if he knows who owns the property he said no. He was asked if he thinks its ok for him to come onto some random person’s property, he did not have a good response. The male said he was going to ask the city but figured he would just check it out. The male was told he has no right to go “check it out”. He was identified by MN DL and told to not come back.

April 29 - Theft - Bryant Street, Maple Plain. Reported a bag with 2 purses went missing from a garage sale. It was discovered a neighbor who had been helping had put the bag in his house. All items were recovered.

April 30 - Burglary Report - Highway 12, Independence. Owner reported one of their vans had been broken into and a large number of construction tools had been stolen. A trailer had also been stolen and inside the trailer were two specialty Genie Lift SLA-20, lifts for construction purposes, Police noted muddy / gloved fingerprint smudges that were left on the vehicle and tire tracks left in the mud. Stolen items and trailer entered in NCIC – National Crime Information Center. Case is under investigation.

April 30 - Hit and Run - Highway 12, Independence, Rental owner of a storage unit had parked his personal vehicle in the storage unit. Unknown suspects had cut the lock/hasp and sometime after Saturday an unknown vehicle had struck his vehicle causing minor damage. Damage under $1,000. The case is under investigation.

May 1 - Agency Assist - 5000 County Line Rd, Delano. Wright County Sheriff’s Office dispatched a shooting in the city of Delano and requested assistance from Hennepin County. WHPS Police were the first to arrive on scene and make contact with the victim who was sitting in his vehicle and had glass cuts to his face. His vehicle was shot at and a 9mm casing was found on the s/b lane of County Line Road. Wright County Sheriff arrived and took over the scene. A couple of days later, the shooter was located and arrested by WCSO.

May 1 - Welfare Check - 1500 Howard Ave., Maple Plain. Caller reported a female was suicidal and requested a welfare check. Thirty-four year old female was located who admitted the threats and feelings but refused to go voluntarily for help. Henn Co. Sheriffs placed a hold on her.

May 2 - Over Weight Truck / Road Limits - Pioneer Creek Rd Independence. Police observed a large semi-truck pulling a large trailer on a posted 4 ton road Pioneer Creek Road. The driver admitted to seeing the 4 ton road posting but thought the road restrictions were lifted. All three axles on the truck were weighed and found the vehicle and trailer were over axle weight by a total of 3,500 pounds. The driver was cited for Vehicle Over Weight.

May 2 - Parking Complaint - Male caller reported trucks are parked along the road in a no parking by the bridge on Independence Rd., Independence. and they bow hunt after dark. Caller was advised part of the area is not restricted for parking as long as the vehicle is not blocking the roadway. Police will keep an eye on the area.