West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Friday, March 22, 2019

March 8 - Harassment - Motorist approached a crew cleaning snow along CR 19 and the Maple Plain Post Office, began to shout at them and call them names and sped off when a crew member tried to speak with him. The motorist was located. He was upset because the county was pushing snow onto the sidewalks that he clears. Motorist agreed to have the county call him and discuss concerns on snow removal. Motorist was advised to attempt civility, and that shouting at road crews was uncalled for.

March 8 - Forgery - 5200 Manchester Dr, Maple Plain. Resident reported unauthorized recurring monthly charge on her bank card with TCF Bank. Resident had filed a fraud/forgery report with TCF and was asked by the bank to contact law enforcement and make a report as well. Total loss: $8.75.

March 8 - Vehicle in Ditch - Dispatched for an occupied vehicle in the ditch with an adult and young children on Kuntz Dr near the Luce Line Trail in the city of Independence. Before the Officer arrived, a passerby stopped, tried pulling the vehicle out, and damaged his vehicle’s rear axle, making it undrivable. Towing company was called and towed the vehicle from the ditch. There was no damage to the vehicle that was in the ditch.

March 9 - Theft - 1800 Budd Ave, Maple Plain. Renter reported while in the process of relocating, sometime between the end of February 2018 to end of March ch 2018, military gear stored in a locked locker was stolen. Stolen items included a rifleman outer carrier type vest, pouches for the set, elbow and knee pads, framed backpack set, and cold weather gear pants and jackets with operational camouflage pattern. Approximate loss value of $1,700.

March 9 - 1800 Newport Street, Maple Plain. Resident reported the turkey she was cooking started on fire. She was able to put the fire out, and her apartment and hallway was full of smoke. Maple Plain Fire assisted checking the apartment and found everything was ok.

March 10 - Wire Down - 5000 Industrial Street, Maple Plain. Dispatched for a wire that was down across the driveway of a business, and crews had already driven over the line many times. The wire may have snapped due to an icicle which had fallen off a building. Xcel was requested to respond.

March 10 - Snow Plowing Complaint - 5100 Main Street, Maple Plain. Public works reported snow plow driver was pushing snow into their street window. Contact with the driver who stated the city has allowed him to plow snow into the windrow. Officer findings concluded it was a mix-up and was allowed.

March 10 - Snowmobile Complaint - 3900 Independence Rd, Independence, Resident reported a few snowmobilers have been leaving the trail and tearing up the snow on his hay fields. He was going to contact the NW Trail Association to provide additional signage.

March 11 - Lockout - 5100 Broadmoor Dr, Independence. Resident reported he was moving cars around for snow plowing, and he threw his keys inside the car and the car doors locked on him. Officer was able to unlock the vehicle.

March 12 - Hit and Run Crash - CR 83 / CR 6, Independence. Officer responded to a reported hit and run crash. Victim had passed a vehicle, and the driver then began driving aggressively tailgating him and passing him on the right shoulder of the roadway, striking his vehicle’s right front fender in the process. Victim’s vehicle had minor scrapes on the plastic. Officer found the incident happened in Carver County, and the victim did not want any further action; he was just upset over the driving conduct.

March 13 - Welfare Check - 1800 Newport Street, Maple Plain. Caller was concerned for the welfare of her neighbor, who had been in a car accident and her baby was sick. Officer spoke with the neighbor who has been receiving help and everything is fine. She indicated she would get through the rough times she is having.

March 14 - 911 Hang-Up - County Rd 92 / Pioneer Creek Rd, Independence. Six 911 calls received from several land lines. Contact with residents who said all was ok, no issues found. Possibly due to heavy rain and the snow melt.

March 8 to14 - Due to the snow storms and slippery roads, officers responded to six calls of vehicles in the ditch. No injuries or property damage were reported. Flooding of roads: one; icy road conditions and high and encroaching snow banks: nine; 33 contacts of citations, verbal and written warnings were issued for traffic and equipment violations.