West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Nov, 6, 2018

Nov. 2 - Fall - 1400 Rainbow Ave., Maple Plain. Officer responded for a male who had fallen and had been unconscious. The male was working in his garage, felt dizzy, and passed out, injuring his hand. North Memorial Ambulance transported him to the hospital.

Nov. 2 - ID Theft - 3300 Lake Sarah Rd, Independence. Resident responded to an email from PayPal asking him to confirm that he placed an order that’s being shipped to Alabama. He checked the ‘Contest’ box. He was then asked for personal information (full legal name, dob, SS#, etc.) to verify his account. He now believes the emails were from a phishing PayPal ‘look-alike.’ He’s frozen his checking account, cancelled all cards, and thought he should report it to WHPS too.

Nov. 2 - Assist - 8000 CR 6, Independence. Officer called assist at the Lyndale Lutheran Church; a 4-year-old was stuck in a seat belt and they could not free her. The belt was getting tighter and they wanted it cut off. Officer attempts to loosen the belt resulted in pain, and the mother wanted the belt cut off. Officer did not see another solution, and cut the belt with his medical scissors. Four-year-old and mom were thankful.

Nov. 3 - Suspicious Act - Unfounded -5500 Pioneer Creek Dr, Maple Plain. Received a call of a suspicious vehicle travelling through the parking lot at Protolabs. Officer was cancelled before arrival; vehicle was a new driver being taught.

Nov. 3 - Welfare Check - 5000 Hwy 12, Maple Plain. Reported a young female entered the store asking for a phone charger. The female went into the bathroom, left the store and then came back in. Caller believed the female was under the influence of drugs. The area was checked and the female was not located.

Nov. 3, 11:24 p.m. - ATL – Juvenile Curfew Violation - 4800 Hwy 12, Maple Plain. Reported a 15 year-old female who had been gone from her residence since Halloween. She had not been reported as a runaway. She was found in the parking lot of a business. Female was in violation of MP Curfew Ordinance of under 15 home by 10:30 p.m. She was cited for Curfew Violation and released to her mother.

Nov. 4, 1:27 p.m. - Theft - 5100 Industrial Street, Maple Plain. Officer observed a vehicle pull behind a closed business and observed two males load a heavy object into the back of a pickup truck and leave the area with a snowplow in the back. Officer contacted the driver, a 43 year old male from Becker and his passenger, a 42 year-old male from Buffalo. The passenger admitted he was in need of money, and the driver was an unwilling party to the crime. The passenger was arrested and charged with misdemeanor theft of a snowplow.

Nov. 4 - Chimney Fire - 7500 Turner Rd, Independence. Dispatched to a possible chimney fire. The homeowner had a fire in his fireplace when “stuff started falling down.” Home owner went outside and could see sparks and smoke coming from the chimney, went back in and put out the fire in the fireplace. Maple Plain FD responded and checked the chimney for hot spots.

Nov. 6 - Suspicious Activity - 5200 Independence Street, Maple Plain. Resident reported someone possibly hacked his smart key to his vehicle Saturday, Nov. 3. He found his vehicle windows rolled down and the sunroof open. Nothing was stolen or damaged.

Nov. 6 - Found Animal - 5100 Oak Street, Maple Plain. Resident called stating she found a wild animal like a mink near the Bryantwood Apt., appeared to be freezing cold and wanted to give it to the police as she was worried about it. Police do not have capabilities to take in such an animal, and suggested she contact the humane society.

Nov. 7 - Crash - Officer arrived on scene and observed a vehicle had struck a tree, had heavy damage to the front. The registered owner lived a short distance away on Turner Rd. Registered owner stated her 17 year old daughter was driving the vehicle to school, and did not realize how slippery the roads were. She slid through the intersection of CR 90 and Turner Rd eastbound, Independence, and hit a tree. Officer noted Turner Rd and CR 90 were covered in ice and extremely slippery. A tow truck was en route to the crash. The daughter and two passengers were not injured.

Nov. 7, 10:18 a.m. - Domestic Arrest - 5200 Bryantwood Dr, Maple Plain. Officer responded to a female who was out of control, breaking things in the house and hallucinating. Twenty-nine year old Krista Marie Stoll from Maple Plain was arrested, transported to Hennepin County Jail, and charged for Misdemeanor Domestic Assault and Disorderly Conduct.

Nov. 7, 10:08 p.m. - Medical - 3675 Ihduhapi Trail, Independence. Male had lower back and stomach pain from prolonged constipation for the last two weeks, was transported to the hospital by ambulance.

Nov. 8, 2:12 p.m. Officer observed a vehicle pulled over near Windsong Golf, Independence. The driver then made U-turn, pulled over near the practice putting green, then pulled into the member’s entrance, stopped for a brief moment by the putting green, then darted back onto CR 6 and went south on CR 92 and pulled into the Windsong Golf Maintenance Facility, and then left abruptly. Contact with the driver: 23 year-old male from Minneapolis, who stated he is an appraiser, was taking photos, and provided a business card. He was advised he needs to slow down in his actions and his abrupt driving pattern was suspicious and potentially dangerous. Driver understood and was issued a V/W Drive with Due Care.