West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, April 17, 2017

Agency Assist Crash

Mar 31 2:33 a.m. WHPS Police assisted Wayzata PD with a crash on Highway 12, Wayzata. A vehicle had struck the barrier and was blocking the westbound lane. Police assisted the driver until Wayzata PD arrived. Also assisted with traffic control until the towing company arrived. The driver was arrested by Wayzata PD for DWI.

Agency Assisted Domestic

Mar 31 5:08 a.m. Police assisted Minnetrista PD with a domestic, as a cover Officer until the case was sorted out.

Traffic Complaint

Mar 31 Park & Ride, Maple Plain. Reported a white jeep was doing donuts in the parking lot again. Police arrival the vehicle was gone. Police found registered owner information and contact with the owner is being attempted.

Game Fish / Over the Limit

Mar 31 2900 Lindgren Lane, Independence. Complainant had been watching a boat in the channel for the last hour and the fishermen were taking fish over the allowed limit. Water Patrol and DNR assisted Police with fisherman contact.

Truck Overweight for Road Limits

Mar 31 Caller reported at 5100 Fern Dr, Independence some construction trucks hauling rocks may be over the restricted road weight limit. Police found a drop pile of class 5 rock on the driveway. Contact with the drivers; their trucks were weighed before and after loading the product with a weight slip. They were aware of the road restrictions and were making several short trips. They were not over the road restriction limit.

Burn Complaint

Mar 31 5000 Broadmoor Drive, Independence. Police dispatched by radio to the area of Co Rd 6 and Co Rd 19, Independence to check a burn. Police found a controlled running grass fire and 25x25 brush pile. Contact with the homeowner who was advised of the burning ban in effect. He did not have a burn permit, was not aware of the burning ban and was told to extinguish the fire.


Mar 31 6400 Genaker Way, Independence. Male was walking around his house, got out of breath and got scared he was going to die. The male submitted a Preliminary Breath Test which resulted in .40% Breath Alcohol Concentration. He was transported to the hospital by ambulance.


Mar 31 1400 Meadow Lane, Maple Plain. Female was in extreme pain; was transported to the hospital by ambulance.


Mar 31 7:21 p.m. Reported a ‘slumped person’ in a vehicle at the Luce Line Trail, Independence. Police contact was made with a sleeping female who was reclined in the passenger seat. Female stated her neighbors are too noisy in her apartment building and this looked like a quiet spot to take a nap. She did not get much sleep the day or night prior and was trying to get some sleep. She decided she will probably go home now that it is getting dark out.

Lift Assist

April 1 5500 Bryant Street, Maple Plain. Police helped with a lift assist for a female who had fallen down. Maple Plain Fire also assisted with helping her into her wheelchair.

Abandoned Vehicle

April 1 Reported an abandoned vehicle at the Maple Plain Family Center, Maple Plain. Contact with the owner who stated the vehicle had broken down and he would have the vehicle picked up in a few hours.

Suspicious Mail

April 1 1700 Budd Ave., Maple Plain. Resident received a handwritten addressed letter from an “Abdul Rahmen” who indicated he would like to buy the residents house and to call if interested in selling the home. The phone number was called and spoke to a male who said he researches people who are behind in payments to the county and he tries to buy the houses. He was told the resident was not interested in selling his property.

Traffic Complaint

April 1 Co Rd 92, Highway 12, Independence. Complainant reported the driver of a vehicle was yelling at another person in the Flipping Bills parking lot. Stated the driver looked possibly impaired and was stumbling around. The driver then pulled out of the lot erratically and headed eastbound Highway 12. The area was checked and the vehicle was not located.

4th Degree DWI

April 1 11:39 p.m. At Highway 12 / Co Rd 92N, Independence. Motorist was stopped for failing to dim the vehicle headlights. Anthony Christopher Polman, 25 from Buffalo submitted a breath test which resulted in .09 breath alcohol concentration. Polman was arrested, charged with 4th Degree Dwi and released to a family member.

Fire Alarm

April 2 12:59 p.m. 1900 Co Rd 92, Independence. Residential fire alarm. Maple Plain Fire Rescue responded as Police were tied up with a DWI arrest. MPFD reported no fire. Residents were using e-cigarettes that possibly tripped the alarm.

Loud Party

April 2 1:13 a.m. Reported a loud party in the 5200 Bryant wood Drive, Maple Plain. Medina PD assisted with the call as Police were tied up with the DWI arrest. The area was checked and did not hear loud persons or find a party.


April 2 100 Ingerson Rd, Independence. A male had slipped and fell while walking down steps and had hip pain. North Memorial Ambulance assisted and transported him to the hospital.

Mailbox Damage

April 2 5400 Lake Sarah Heights Drive, Independence. Someone damaged the resident’s mailbox. A plastic piece was found by the mailbox and was kept for evidence. Approximate loss $1,000.00 as the post is buried 1 foot into the ground with a concrete base.

Fire Alarm

April 2 5200 Painter Creek Green, Independence. Police responded to a fire alarm sounding inside a residence. Key holder advised it was a false alarm and they were having problems with the fire alarm system.

Traffic Complaint

April 2 Reported a vehicle driven all over the road and was crossing the fog line. The vehicle was found at 2500 Geggen-Tina Rd, Independence. The driver was getting out of her vehicle and Police advised the reason for the stop was her driving conduct while on Highway 12. She stated she was “rocking out” to her music, probably did cross the fog line and was apologetic. No drug or alcohol use detected. She was given a warning for her driving conduct.

Gas Odor

April 3 1:09 a.m. 1400 Budd Ave. Maple Plain. Police and Maple Plain Fire responded to a reported gas odor. MPFD checked the residence with gas meters and found the house was safe to enter.

Personal Injury/ Motor Vehicle Crash

April 3 6500 Highway 12, Independence. Driver of a vehicle westbound on Highway 12 turned in front of an eastbound vehicle, striking the rear passenger side. The WB driver believed she had enough time to turn and did not realize how close the eastbound vehicle was. EB driver had an injury to her left hand, it was swelling and she refused medical attention. WB driver was issued a citation for “Failure to Yield”


April 3 Police and Maple Plain Fire responded to 5500 Bryant Street, Maple Plain to assist a female who had fallen. No injury or medical problems from her fall.

Suspicious Act

April 4 12:12 a.m. Police found an occupied vehicle; the driver was sleeping in the parking lot in the 6200 Highway 12, Independence. The driver had a verbal argument with a friend and felt it was best to separate for the night. All ok.

Business Alarm

April 4 Kitchen fire in the Discovery Center, 5050 Independence Street, Maple Plain. Staff was able to extinguish the active flame and no damages were noted. All school students, staff, and city employees had evacuated the building. MPFD responded and ventilated the kitchen and hallways with fresh air to remove the smoke. After MPFD cleared the building of smoke, the school and city staff was allowed back into the building.


April 4 1500 Howard Ave., Maple Plain. Female reported she received threating text messages and she was scared to go back to her apartment. She was given information how to apply for a Harassment Order for Protection if needed.

Narcotics Complaint

April 4 Client at Vinland Center, Independence reported his roommate was doing meth in their bedroom and had a meth pipe. The room was searched and neither the meth nor the pipe was found.

Suspicious Act

April 4 Reported a suspicious person and vehicle hanging out at the Northside Park, Maple Plain. Caller was not sure if the male was trying to gain access to the tower. Contact with the male who is subcontracted by T-Mobile and was performing duties related to the cell tower located at the top of the water tower.

Mutual Aide

April 4 Vinland Center, 3675 Ihduhapi Trail, Independence. Olmstead County Probation Officer reported an Authorization to Apprehend for a client that had violated probation by admitting use of drugs. Before Police arrival; the client and another female had left the facility by taxi and were dropped off at the Ridgedale Mall in Minnetonka. They were not located and Minnetonka PD was notified they were in their area.

Property Damage Crash

April 5 Driver was traveling southbound on County Road 92 / Co Rd 11, Independence when he noticed approximately 7-8 deer running from a field onto the roadway. His vehicle was struck by one or two deer’s on the driver’s side, rear half of the car causing significant damage. The deer fled the scene. Numerous deer hairs were on the damaged area of the vehicle. No injury to the driver.


April 5 1500 Wyman Ave., Maple Plain. Reported theft of cash, mostly in coins stolen from a resident. Case is under investigation.

Found Property

April 5 Found a baseball backpack with a pair of tennis shoes and several Orono baseball hats inside at the Don Timpe Field, Maple Plan. High school kids had used the field for practice and would be back the next day. The backpack was placed in a building and the coached called to get it back to the rightful owner.

Suspicious Activity / Burglary Attempt

April 5 4200 Woodhill Dr, Independence. Homeowner reported during the night he woke up to his dog barking. The next day discovered the sliding door on the back of the house was open. Nothing was missing. Case under investigation.

Suspicious Act

April 6 6:26 a.m. Reported a suspicious car parked on the side of the road. Contact with the driver who was a painter waiting for his boss to show up at the job site. He did not want to disturb the customer and was waiting on Copeland Rd. Independence

Grass Fire

April 6 Complaint of a lot of smoke coming from the Fieldstone area. Found at 6100 Stone Court, Independence an approved DNR and WHPS burn permit for a 3 acre running grass fire. All was ok.

Traffic Complaint

April 6 Reported cement trucks are being driven on Lake Sarah Heights Road, Independence which has road weight restrictions on it. The trucks were not located.

Suspicious Activity

April 6 4900 Highway 12, Maple Plain. Reported funds are being withdrawn from an elderly persons account. The case is under investigation.

Fraud Attempt

April 6 1400 Rainbow Ave., Maple Plain. Resident advertised a couple of chairs on Craig’s List. A buyer from MI answered the ad and sent a check for payment of the chairs and for the resident to pay the shippers he was arranging. The check was deposited in the bank and 2 days later resident’s bank advised him the check was fraudulent and no good. The resident had not shipped the chairs, he was not out any money and his bank wanted it reported to the Police.