West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Friday, March 29, 2019

March 15 - Female picked up a dog running along CR 92 / Pioneer Creek Road, Independence, and brought the dog to her residence in Rockford. The dog had a VETCO tag, and it was discovered the dog’s owner lived on Pioneer Creek Road. Arrangements were made to return the dog to its owner.

March 15 - Theft - 5100 Industrial Street, Maple Plain. Someone got into an email system, and impersonated the business owner, who convinced their bookkeeper to send them $18,500. The case is under investigation.

March 15 - Property Damage CrashHwy 12 / County Line Rd, Independence. Motorist stopped at the intersection, which was equipped with a flashing amber turn arrow. She was talking on her phone and did not notice eastbound traffic on 12. She turned in front of a vehicle, striking the driver’s side, causing it to spin. The driver’s vehicle sustained substantial damage to the left side and the left rear wheel had broken off the axle. The motorist was cited for Failing to Yield. The driver’s vehicle was towed from the scene.

March 15 - Medical -5200 Bryantwood Dr., Maple Plain. Male had low blood sugar, and was able to drink a glass of orange juice, eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, and was feeling better.

March 15 - Welfare Check - 1800 Newport Street, Maple Plain. Caller reported a resident was intoxicated, and she was worried about him. Contact with the resident, who smelled strongly of alcohol but was able to stand and walk around without falling. Resident was cooperative and did not display any signs of being a danger to himself or others.

March 16 - Medical - 3600 County Rd 90, Independence. Male had fallen, needed assistance, and was helped up. He was not transported to the hospital.

March 16 - Medical -300 County Road 92, Independence. Male reported he was having a heart attack. North Memorial Ambulance arrived on scene and transported him to the hospital.

March 16 - Suspicious Act - Maple Plain Food Center. A semi-truck/trailer and a vehicle were parked in a parking lot posted “no semi-truck parking.” Contact with the vehicle driver who stated she was just catching up with an old friend. They used to work for the same trucking company and they just had dinner. She was dropping the male off at his truck and he was continuing back to WI. No criminal activity found.

March 18 - Car Stall - Officer assisted motorist with a car with a flat tire on the shoulder of the road on Hwy 12/ Valley Rd, Independence. The motorist did not have an appropriate sized lug wrench, the wheel was rusted to the hub. A hammer was used to remove the wheel. The driver was able to get the spare tire on.

March 18 - Medical - 5600 Hwy 12, Maple Plain. Officer and Maple Plain Fire dispatched for a patient who had a syncope episode and was now alert. Food was provided, and North Memorial EMS took over treatment and transported the patient to the hospital.

March 18 - Misc. Assist - 1400 Prairieland Ave. Maple Plain. Reported daughter’s ex-boyfriend punched a hole in the wall at the resident’s house and she wanted to press charges. It was found her daughter had invited him into the house and it would be a civil matter. Contact with the ex who stated he would pay for the damages.

March 20 - Slumper -Dispatched for a slumper near 2200 Independence Rd, Independence. Officer found the vehicle running with a male in the driver seat, sleeping. He was woken up. He said he was at a friend’s house last night, pulled over to send a text, and admitted to being tired. No signs of impairment were observed. Officer followed him home and spoke with his girlfriend who had reported him missing a couple minutes prior. All ok.

March 20 - Narcotics Complaint - Officer dispatched to 1800 Newport St, Maple Plain for a narcotics complaint consisting of the hallway smelling like burnt marijuana. Officer entered through the front apartment doors and did not detect any odor of marijuana inside the hallway of the building. Contact with the occupant of the apartment where the smoking of marijuana was reported coming from; the door was opened wide while speaking with the occupant and Officer did not smell marijuana. The caller was advised of the findings.

Sixty-seven contacts of citations, verbal, or written warnings were issued for traffic and equipment violations.

Two trucks were stopped and cited for being over weight due to spring road restrictions.