West Hennepin Public Safety Report
Delano Herald Journal, Friday, July 20, 2018

July 6 - Police Assist - Co 92 & Hwy 12, Independence. Driver was unloading a large excavator for BNSF Railway and there is not a very good spot to unload in the area. Police assisted with traffic control while it was unloaded.

July 6 - Domestic - 1900 CR 92, Independence. Step-son had kicked in a shed door to get his dirt bike out and when confronted yelled and argued with his step-dad. Step-son said he would try to do better at following the rules at home or get his own place.

July 6 - Medical - 3675 Ihduhapi Tr., Independence. Police responded for a male who didn’t know where he was or what was going on. North EMS arrived to transport the male. Staff went to get the male and he was behaving normal and was able to answer proper questions. Staff determined to monitor the male and would call if transport was needed in the future.

July 6 - Animal Complaint - 4700 Lake Sarah Dr, Independence. Reported a found dog at the Tamarack Park. The area was checked and found the dog owners residence in the 6000 block on Rachel Ridge Ct. The house sitter was watching the dogs for the owner and did not realize the black lab had wondered off.

July 6 - Fireworks Complaint - 100 Ingerson Rd, Independence. Dispatched for fireworks complaint. R/P stated the fireworks were coming from the south east but he is unsure the exact location. The area was checked and no fireworks were being fired off.

July 6 - Bee Sting - 3675 Ihduhapi Trail, Independence. Dispatched for a female who was stung by a bee and was having an allergic reaction; having a hard time breathing, and she had already used an Epi pen. Loretto Fire assisted Police and rendered care to the victim until North Memorial arrived. North Memorial arrived and transported the victim to the hospital.

July 7 - Disturbance - 4:15 a.m. Police assisted Medina PD with a disturbance at Baker Park Campground. A small group of people at a campsite were sitting around a camp fire. Police walked up to and could hear a group talking but they did not appear to be obnoxious. The group was advised they were being too loud. The apologized, put the campfire out and went to bed. There were no other issues.

July 7- Damage to Property - 2500 Copeland Rd, Independence. Resident reported someone took her garbage can and hit the neighbor’s mailbox with her garbage can causing damage to her garbage can and the neighbor’s mailbox.

July 7 - Unwanted Person - 4800 Main Street, Maple Plain. Reported an unwanted male at her residence. The male left when the resident called the police.

July 7 - Car Stalled - Hitsman Lane/ Hwy 12, Independence. Police observed and stopped a vehicle driven with a flat front driver side tire. The driver was unaware her tire was flat. She contacted her husband and he arrived shortly thereafter. Police assisted in changing the flat tire.

July 7 - Alarm - 600 Nelson Rd, Independence. Police dispatched for an alarm that had been sounding all day; located the cause of the alarm on a mini excavator. There were no keys in the ignition. Police disconnected the battery which caused the alarm to stop sounding. No other issues were found. Police business card left on the excavator with a note regarding the alarm and the R/P was called and advised of the findings.

July 8 - Medical - 3675 Ihduhapi Tr. Independence. Police responded to a male who was agitated, said he was hearing voices and they were telling him bad things about himself and he needs to talk to someone about this problem so it doesn’t get any worse. He was having trouble with depression and not feeling of any worth as well. North Memorial EMS responded and transported him to the hospital.

July 8 - Motorist Assist - 11:27 p.m. Hwy 12/ Valley Rd, Independence. Dispatched by radio to a motorist assist, the driver stated he ran out of gas and his phone is not getting service to call his mom. The driver was transported to Holiday Station in Delano where he purchased a gas can and gas. Gas was put in his vehicle, then his vehicle would not start, it had a dead battery. Police used jumper cables from the squad and jump-started the car.

July 9 - Damaged Car - 5900 Hwy 12, Maple Plain. Towing company responded to tow a vehicle and found the vehicle was severely damaged. Police found the vehicle was damaged by persons kicking and jumping on the car, throwing numerous large rocks/concrete chunks at the vehicle and through the windows. Numerous panels on the vehicle were kicked, and every window in the vehicle was broken. The rocks and concrete were all collected and shoe prints left on the roof and hood of the collapsed car were taken as evidence. The case is under investigation.

July 9 - Cell Phone Found - CR 110 /CR 83, Independence. Motorist dropped off a cell phone found on the side of the road. Shortly after, the owner called her cell phone and was surprised it was answered by the Police. She thought she had left it somewhere in her house. The owner picked up her phone.

July 9 - Missing / Stolen Bike - 5400 Main Street, Maple Plain. Resident reported he had just noticed his mountain bike; dark blue in color with knobby tires that was in his driveway was missing / stolen. Approximate loss $100.

July 9 - Vehicle in Ditch - Hwy 12/ Valley Rd, Independence. Driver stated a vehicle in front of him slammed on his brakes, he was unable to stop on the road without hitting him, so he swerved left and went just off the pavement. The driver claimed he went down into the ditch while trying to pull back up on the road. Police observed the vehicle tracks did not indicate a full speed exit off the road. The driver had called for a tow.

July 9 - Welfare Check / Intoxication - 7:19 p.m. Budd Ave / Oak Street, Maple Plain. Police on routine patrol observed a female on the corner of the road standing next to a mountain bike. The female was trying to get on her bike but proceeded to fall and hit her face on the sidewalk. Contact with the female who was bleeding from a contusion below her left eye from her fall. Also had scrapes on her knuckles and elbows that were also bleeding. In speaking with the female it was apparent she was highly intoxicated. North Memorial arrived and checked the female’s vitals and cleaned up her injuries. The female provided a PBT of .248% of breath alcohol concentration. The female was released to a responsible sober party, her sister who would watch over and stay with her.

July 9 - Traffic Complaint - 4300 Lake Sarah Rd, Independence. Female caller reported a teenage male driver with two passengers drove past her, very close while she was walking her dog. The female thought the driver was speeding. She yelled and gestured for the driver to stop. The driver stopped a distance away, went in reverse and left. The 17 yoa juvenile driver was located at his residence in Greenfield, and stated he stopped and taunted the female by going in reverse and spinning his tires. Police advised his actions were not acceptable, and the female was only looking to educate the driver. His mother, who was on vacation in Alaska, was contacted and advised of the complaint.

July 10 - Unwanted Person - 1800 Budd Ave, Maple Plain. Caller reported a suspicious male was in the apartment complex and she didn’t believe he lived there. When asked how the male got in, she stated she was outside smoking, had left the door propped open, he walked around and left proceeding to walk around the building. Police checked inside, the perimeter of the building, the area streets and other nearby apartment complexes and did not locate the male.

July 10 - Stolen Property - 4900 CR 6 Maple Plain Reported a catalytic converter was stolen off an RV.

July 10 - Suspicious Act - 5900 Fieldstone Pl Independence. Caller found a younger male on bike half way up his driveway from the road. When questioned, he said he was a “city inspector”. The male left on his bike towards the road but unknown which way he went after that. The male was on a BMX bike with a light colored shirt. The area was checked and he was not located.

July 11 - Fraud - 5700 Three Oaks, Independence. Report of ID fraud. Resident reported receiving letters from MN Unemployment Office. Contact with the office, someone used his social security number to file a claim with the MN Unemployment Insurance. He was advised to contact his bank and his credit bureaus to ensure more applications and accounts were not opened in his name.

July 11 - Sink Hole - Reported a large sink hole at the MNDOT pull off lot at HWY 12 and Halgren Rd, Maple Plain. Police located the sink hole, put cones around it and notified MNDOT to respond.

July11 - Welfare Check - 9:15 p.m. 2300 Budd Street Independence. Resident requested a welfare check on a male who was riding a scooter and had a gas can. He was confused and lost and asked to use their phone to call his mother to come and pick him up. He told his mother that he was somewhere near Willmar. The resident stated she would just call 911 to have the police help him and he told her not to and left. The area was checked an unable to locate the male.