Renewable Energy

Geothermal installation including Mound, Rockford, Watertown, Wayzata, and Long Lake

You earned it – keep more of it!

With the 30 percent Renewable Energy Credit, it’s time to consider a long-term solution that can save you up to 70 percent on heating, air conditioning, and hot water costs. A geothermal system from UMR operates at a fraction of the cost of ordinary furnaces and air conditioners, and it also offers supreme comfort, long life, and safe operation.

Geothermal Contractors.

How does it work?

The temperature in the ground naturally stays at about 50 degrees all year. In the winter, our geothermal systems capture heat from the ground through a series of pipes. The warmth is delivered to a heat pump inside the building, which transfers the heat into the air or water that is heating the structure. In the summer, the same ground source heat pump simply reverses and pulls heat from the building. Heat is then carried through the pipes and deposited into the ground.

A solid base

When John and Roberta Henrich started UMR Geothermal in 1997, geothermal was a little-known technology in our area. Throughout the years, the company has developed unparalleled expertise in the industry, gaining a widespread reputation for
top-notch design, skilled service and repair, and trustworthy customer service. UMR is often recommended as a geothermal contractor for commercial and residential geothermal projects based on its long history and proven track record.

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The wise choice

Make the switch to clean, renewable energy. By investing in geothermal today, you’ll experience decades of sustainable, reliable, trouble-free comfort. Whether you have a newly constructed home or are retrofitting an existing one, UMR’s geothermal systems are a practical way to save money while going “green.”

Cost of geothermal

Unpredictable fuel costs can make for unpleasant utility bill surprises. By investing in a UMR Geothermal system, you won’t have to worry about ever-increasing heating and cooling charges. From tiny houses to large businesses, our customers can attest to the moneysaving satisfaction of UMR’s geothermal systems.

Good common sense

When it comes to heating and cooling, you need a system that’s dependable, comfortable, and affordable. Choose efficiently designed geothermal heat pump comfort systems from UMR Geothermal, and you’ll be making a wise investment in your future. We partner with the finest manufacturers and industry professionals of geothermal and radiant floor equipment, such as WaterFurnace, Carrier, Rehau, Unico, Triangle Tube, Bergerson-Caswell, and Thermal Dynamics.

Laying the groundwork near you

Customers in many Minnesota cities, including Maple Plain, Independence, Delano, Waverly, Montrose, Watertown, Howard Lake, Cokato, Dassel, Darwin, Litchfield, Winsted, Mound, Rockford, Wayzata, Long Lake and the surrounding area have been enjoying UMR’s geothermal systems since 1997. Experience the benefits for yourself by contacting UMR Geothermal today!

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