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Child and Family Services MN

Creating positive change

Village Ranch Child and Family Services is committed to building stronger families. From children's therapeutic support services (CTSS) to adoption and foster care placement, as well as case-consultation for abused and neglected children, we are able to lend a helping hand.

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Emmotional Support

Children's therapeutic support services (CTSS) is designed to help young people ages 3 to 18 who experience depression, anxiety, or ADHD, as well as other emotional disturbances or behavioral challenges. Through CTSS, children participate in individual or family-based skills work in their own homes. This type of treatment offers many benefits, including a reduced risk of psychiatric hospitalizations or residential placement.

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Phone: (320) 286-2922, ext. 3
Website: www.villageranchcfs.com

Program Goals

Village Ranch Child and Family Services utilizes CTSS to improve the day-to-day functioning level of children and their families. Our mental health professionals and practitioners will work in collaboration with an out-patient mental health therapist to provide stability, reduce environmental stressors, and teach children the skills necessary for a successful transition into adulthood.

Getting started

Referrals are often made by county workers, family members, school staff, probation officers, or health professionals. Reimbursement for treatment is provided through county funds and insurance companies. The first step in the treatment process is a diagnostic assessment, which includes interviews with the child and family.

Our strategy

Treatment interventions at Village Ranch Child and Family Services are based on the most up-to-date research. Our mental health professionals visit the home twice a week, providing about two hours of skills development at each session. Every quarter, we have a quarterly review to evaluate progress that has been made and set appropriate future goals.

Serving your area

The primary service area for Village Ranch Child and Family Services includes Wright, Anoka, and Mcleod counties. To learn more, contact program director Timothy Wright at (612) 716-7846 or tim.wright@villageranchcfs.com. To make a referral, call Village Ranch Child and Family Services at (320) 286-2922, extension 3.

Village Ranch Child & Family Services
www.villageranchcfs.com | 13637 60th St SW | Cokato, MN 55321-4210
(320) 286-2922, ext. 3