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To be included here, just submit a photo and information about your hunting success to any of our offices for an upcoming Outdoors column.

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Hunting 2005
Lori Hoof, 18-point, 200-pound buck
Tim King, 14-point, 197-pound buck
Mark Huston, 13-point, 195-pound buck
Nick Main, 11-point, 173-pound buck
Kevin Kahle, 11-point, 180-pound buck
Andrew Hirsch, 10-point buck
Jed Birkholz, 10-point, 165-pound buck
Marc Nystom, 10-point, 160-pound buck
Scott Bayerl & Tad Feltmann, 10-point, 195-pound buck
LeRoy Bren, 10-point, 165-pound buck
Travis Stifter, 10-point, 161-pound buck
Lloyd Rassat, 10-point, 181-pound buck
Terence Chacka, 9-point, 181-pound buck
Cliff Duske, 9-point, 175-pound buck
Forest Mattson, 9-point buck
Michael and Dan Holmquist, 9-point, 211-pound buck
Charlie Fiecke, 8-point, 188-pound buck
Vanus Erickson, 7-point, 160-pound buck
Zach and Jake Drusch, 186-pound buck

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