Jenni Sebora Column, 5/23/05

Stress. It’s the number one health problem in America, according to the 2000 annual Gallup poll and the 2000 Integra survey.   Seventy to 90 percent of all visits to primary care physicians are stress-related, according to the polls. The website www.kidshealth.org defines stress as a function of the demands placed upon us and our ability (or perceived ability) to […]

Liz Hellmann Column, 5/23/05

It was the best of times; it was the worst of times. So, here I am, pondering my first editorial column as the new writer on the Herald Journal staff. The advice I have received so far is cliché and vague, at best. I have been told to write about what I know. Well, what if that doesn’t leave very […]

Pastor’s Column, 5/23/05

My first year as a student at Asbury Theological Seminary in Kentucky, I came across a fascinating story in the Lexington Herald-Leader. This particular newspaper article told about a high-strung thoroughbred stallion whose speed and offspring had made him the most valuable horse in the world. His name was Seattle Slew, and in addition to winning the coveted Triple Crown […]

Dairy princess gave up scholarships to follow her heart into dairying

“If you find a job that you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” These are words of wisdom that Becky Dammann of Lester Prairie, 19, is following right now – and she has definitely found her lifelong love: dairying. For Dammann, dairying isn’t a dairy princess title or a superficial concept, but a daily pursuit of happiness, […]

Exclusive interview with Glen Campbell

“Like a Rhinestone Cowboy . . .” With those four words, and a popular television show as well, Glen Campbell has come a long way from his humble Arkansas upbringing. “The guitar felt better to me than drivin’ the cultivator,” he said. Campbell moved to Los Angeles at a young age and was able to be a part of a […]

The case of the missing manhole covers

It’s not so much a matter of missing manhole covers, but rather a case of the farmer verses the developer. In early October of last year, Jon Dammann of rural Lester Prairie removed eight manhole covers, an insert for a manhole cover, and a ditch grate from the Prairie Ridge addition in Lester Prairie, according to a misdemeanor complaint. He […]

Montrose’s Mattson looking for BMH school board appointment

Jeff Mattson’s 13th year as a council member for Montrose will also be his last, but his years of service to the community are far from over. Mattson plans to hand in his notice to the Montrose City Council at the meeting today. He is expected to be appointed to a position on the Buffalo-Hanover-Montrose school board. “There has never […]

New permanent stage part of Winstock

A new stage has been constructed over the past year at the Winstock grounds, making a permanent landmark that will soon be graced by countless nationally known country and Christian music singers. The festival, which has taken place just outside of Winsted for the past 11 years, features some of the best talent country music has to offer. This year, […]

Pastor Swedberg has his third brush with death

For the third time, Pastor Joel Swedberg has been nearly killed under accidental circumstances. Swedberg was undergoing routine surgery for his jaw joint recently in the Twin Cities when his trachea went into a spasm, cutting off his air supply for a dangerous length of time. The surgical team ended up cutting a hole in the front wall of his […]

Postal officials come to Winsted council to explain processes

As a last resort to unresolved frustrations with the Winsted Post Office, Winsted Mayor Don Guggemos wrote a letter to Senator Norm Coleman to ask for his assistance last fall. A representative from Coleman’s office, along with several other postal service officials, were present at a city council workshop Tuesday night. Guggemos had several points of frustration with the post […]