Jenni Sebora Column, 9/19/05

The news is filled with information about Hurricane Katrina and the devastation it has brought to the southern United States, and how people are joining together to help bring some type of relief and help to the victims. Our children are some of the people that are giving what they can, as well. On television the other night, reporters told […]

Liz Hellmann Column, 9/19/05

It was a beautiful day for a parade. The anticipated fanfare was well under way, but no one could have guessed that this parade would end with a dangerous twist. There were no terrorists involved, no malicious attack planned, but one individual who was sorely convinced she was right, and the parade was to blame. The story I am about […]

Pastor’s Column, 9/19/05

When something “out of the ordinary” happens to you once, you say, “that is strange” or “what are the odds of that happening?” But when it happens twice, you start to wonder why. Last summer, I was having a motor problem on my boat. I fixed it and went to a local lake to try it out. As I was […]