Ivan Raconteur Column – 08/3/15

It occurred to me recently that there are an awful lot of ads on television for prescription drugs and over-the counter medications. It seems like every time I turn on the TV, I am subjected to a barrage of remedies, some of them for conditions I didn’t even know existed. There are drugs to help us wake up, and other […]

Jenni Sebora Column – 08/03/15

Do we keep our children too busy in structured activities these lazy days of summer? Do they have time to hang out with friends, read a book, do some chores, or spend time with family? Some children thrive with structured activities more than others, but it seems, especially with tweens and teens, that there is an overzealous amount of expectations […]

Letter: An honest business person is a treasure

From Steven Tibbetts Delano I have known a gentleman by the name of Steve Jaunich for about 20 years now. He owns a business called Jaunich Tire Company in Delano, and has been fixing my tires and changing my oil for me whenever I discover I am in need of that. I wouldn’t call him a good friend, but he’s […]

Mark Ollig Column – 08/03/15

The folks at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) recently made public their 2015 study, “The Future of Solar Energy.” This detailed, 356-page report depicts solar energy as possibly becoming the leading source of generated electricity, worldwide. It says use of solar-energy electrical production can also be considered a “tool” for decreasing global CO2 (carbon dioxide) emissions. When planning for large […]

Pastors’ Column – 08/03/15

“And the Lord direct your hearts into the love of God, and into the patient waiting for Christ.” 2 Thessalonians 3:5 How many of us remember the times in our youth when we would ask our parents as we traveled on a long road trip, “Are we there yet? How many more miles?” It was a common question from us […]

They call him Bookie

It was January, 1975. The scheduling committee for the Wright Star League, the precursor to what is now the North Star League, was meeting for the first time. The previous fall, the Loretto manager had complained about the schedule to the league secretary, who threw his pen at the Loretto manager and told him, “here, smart [aleck], you do the […]

Cokato Corn Carnival begins Aug. 10

COKATO, MN – The 66th annual Cokato Corn Carnival will soon be underway. Festivities will begin Monday, Aug. 10 at 6 p.m. with the parade kicking off the three-day event. Following the parade, Dakota Road Music, a band sponsored by the Cokato Ministerium, will take the stage, and the midway rides and bingo tent also open in Peterson Park for […]

Delano relays to combat cancer

DELANO, MN – Treating teenagers for cancer is tricky. Aimee Jo Ayshford, the honorary survivor at the Delano Relay For Life, knows firsthand as someone who was diagnosed with Stage IIIC germ cell ovarian cancer at the age of 17. “Teenagers are probably the most forgotten when it comes to cancer,” Ayshford said. “It’s tricky to deal with because do […]

Anderson family – Who’s Who in Howard Lake

Tara Mathews Correspondent HOWARD LAKE, MN – After long days at work, David and Janet Anderson spend their time transporting children to activities and rooting for their teams. The couple has two children, Mark, 10, and Julia, 9, who both attend Howard LakeWaverly-Winsted Schools. Mark has been showing calves for family friends Sean and Linda Groos at the Wright County […]

LP alpaca farm takes yarn to a new level

LESTER PRAIRIE, MN – For the past 14 years, Margaret Long and her mother, Sue Simonton, have been raising alpacas and perfecting the yarn they produce. Now, Little Gidding Farm in rural Lester Prairie is selling its yarn wholesale to select stores across the US. “I’m having the time of my life,” Long said of her growing business. “I’m just getting […]